Improving Patient Communication in Pharmacy

Communication is a vital part of any patient-provider relationship. Not unlike doctors and nurses, pharmacists also need to be able to effectively communicate with their patients. Patient Communication for Pharmacy: A Case-Study Approach on Theory and Practice is a practical guide that develops readers’ understanding of the unique communication dynamics between pharmacists and patients and assists them in strengthening the communication skills necessary for providing optimal patient outcomes.

Focusing on skills acquisition and an integration of communication and behavioral change theories, this valuable resource addresses issues relevant to pharmacist-patient communication and relationship building including: health literacy, culturally competent care, patient compliance, conflict/emotionally charged conversations, and more.

Praise for the Text

“…a wonderful addition to pharmacy education. So little time is spent ensuring students move into the profession with appropriate communication skills. This is a unique, much needed entry in the field.” ~ Jennifer L. Colon, PharmD, MS, MBA, Temple University School of Pharmacy (for Doody’s Review Service) 

“I appreciated the format of the book:  brief introduction to the chapter topic; and example of a patient scenario; and improvement on that example; discussion; and an interactive role playing exercise.  I can see the book being useful in two ways.  First it could be used in a stand-alone pharmacy communications course.  Or it could be used throughout a number of courses, when appropriate, to discuss specific communication issues and clinical content is presented.” ~ Bonnie Brown, Pharm D., Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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