Jones & Bartlett Learning to Exhibit and Present at the ATI National Nurse Educator Summit

Are you attending the ATI National Nurse Educator Summit in Orlando, FL next week? Starting on Monday, April 14, we’ll be there displaying our latest nursing titles and demoing our brand new RN to BSN Online Curriculum Solution.

In addition, we have some exciting events planned too, including:

Poster Session: Monday, April 14 from 11:30am to 12:45pm during lunch in the Bonnet Creek Ballroom. Presented by Corinna Preuschoff, PhD, from Jones & Bartlett Learning, the poster session will focus on “Nursing Students’ Changing Attitude Toward Interactive Digital Textbook Solutions.”

Breakout Session: Tuesday, April 15 from 4pm to 5pm in Bonnet Creek II. Bill Brottmiller, Executive Publisher at Jones & Bartlett Learning, will discuss our new RN to BSN Online Curriculum Solution. Joining Bill will be two nursing faculty who will discuss how they have implemented Navigate: Nursing Informatics into their curriculum, the benefits of this course, and their overall experience. Space is still available to register for the breakout session here.

Don’t miss your chance to see how we can transform your RN to BSN programs with our RNtoBSN Online Courses & Curriculum.

  • 12 instructionally designed online courses aligned to the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education, QSEN, and IOM recommendations
  • Includes content from leading Jones & Bartlett Learning texts as well as additional resources
  • Available as individual courses or as a complete suite

Navigate 2 is arriving– and you can try it and give us your feedback at the ATI National Nurse Educator Summit! We’re so excited for you to discover our just released Navigate 2 nursing demo course: Advantage Access for Gerontological Nursing, Third Edition.

Whether you teach an online, hybrid, or traditional classroom-based course, Navigate 2 delivers unbeatable value. Navigate 2 provides access to mobile-ready course materials:

  • Learn: A complete eBook with interactive tools
  • Practice: A virtual Study Center with robust practice activities and flashcards
  • Assess: A homework and testing Assessment center with prepopulated quizzes and examinations
  • Analyze: A dashboard that reports actionable data

Find out more at

We hope to see you at the ATI National Nurse Educator Summit!

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Discover Navigate 2: Eight Demo Courses Available

Navigate 2Navigate 2 is arriving– and now you can try it! We’ve just released eight demo courses in a variety of areas, including:

To experience Navigate 2 from both a Learner’s and Educator’s perspective, just visit While you’re there, tell us what you think by completing our user survey.

Want to learn more? Don’t miss our upcoming webinars:

Whether you teach an online, hybrid, or traditional classroom-based course, Navigate 2 delivers unbeatable value. Navigate 2 provides access to mobile-ready course materials:

  • Learn: A complete eBook with interactive tools
  • Practice: A virtual Study Center with robust practice activities and flashcards
  • Assess: A homework and testing Assessment center with prepopulated quizzes and examinations
  • Analyze: A dashboard that reports actionable data

Plus, Navigate 2 Evergreen Content Updates™ offer the opportunity to enhance course materials with curated, high-quality content updates.

A Navigate Implementation Specialist will be your personal resource to answer questions, set-up courses, and maintain customizations.

Discover Navigate 2 for yourself at

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National Public Health Week Is Here

National Public Health WeekPlease join us in celebrating National Public Health Week (NPHW) today through April 13. For nearly two decades, NPHW has raised awareness of the important role public health plays in keeping communities both healthy and safe. This year’s theme is “Public Health: Start Here.”

Get involved each day with daily themes including:

  • Monday, April 7: Be healthy from the start. From maternal health and school nutrition to emergency preparedness, public health starts at home.
  • Tuesday, April 8: Don’t panic. Disaster preparedness starts with community-wide commitment and action.
  • Wednesday, April 9: Get out ahead. Prevention is now a nationwide priority.
  • Thursday, April 10: Eat well. The system that keeps our nation’s food safe and healthy is complex.
  • Friday, April 11: Be the healthiest nation in one generation. Best practices for community health come from around the globe.

Public Health 101, Second EditionAnother great place to start is with our recently published Public Health 101: Healthy People–Healthy Populations, Second Edition by Richard Riegelman and Brenda Kirkwood. From clean drinking water, to seat belts, to immunizations, the impact of public health on every individual is undeniable. For undergraduates, an understanding of the foundations of public health is an essential step toward becoming an educated citizen.

Public Health 101: Healthy People–Healthy Populations, Second Edition provides a big-picture, population perspective on the determinants of health and disease and the tools available to protect and promote health. It examines the full range of options for intervention including use of the healthcare system, the public health system, and society-wide systems such as laws and taxation.

Want to learn more? Preview a sample chapter now or visit our website. Can’t await? Watch a recent webinar with Richard Riegelman:


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New Report Stresses the Importance of Interprofessional Health Care Teams

BeaLeader2As the Affordable Care Act continues to add millions of Americans to the health care system, providers are struggling to balance the increased demand for quality health care with shortages of nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals. As a result, many organizations are beginning to adopt a team-based approach to care. In a recent blog post from the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, Barbara Brandt writes that,

“I’ve personally observed workflow in transformed clinics, and to the uninformed, it is like entering a foreign land compared to traditional practices. In one clinic, I observed the front desk receptionist as leading a quality improvement meeting that included physicians, a nurse practitioner, a psychologist, technology manager, among others. For this project, it was essential that the receptionist take the lead because the project involved piloting a new patient scheduling system. It was an extraordinary experience and made me think about how important it is to prepare students and residents who will be rotating and learning in these environments to develop fully the skill sets they need.”

In addition, a recent Brookings Institute report titled, “On the ‘Front Lines’ of Health Reform: Reinventing Team-Based Care,” argues that,

“Bringing together a broad range of skills and perspectives across an interprofessional care team is critical to accommodating the many physical, emotional, and social needs of patients. The team may include primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, health coaches, and mental health professionals. The composition should depend entirely on each patient’s needs.”

In fact, these “frontline health care workers,” such as medical assistants, administrative assistants, laboratory and pharmacy technicians, community health workers, health educators, and home health aids, represent “nearly 50% of the estimated 18 million people employed in the health care workforce.” What’s more, they are often the first point of contact for patients and their families, making them essential to the successful health care experience.

The Interprofessional Health Care Team: Leadership and DevelopmentWant to learn more about how a team-based approach can increase positive outcomes for the health and wellbeing of patients, families, and communities? Check out The Interprofessional Health Care Team: Leadership and Development by Donna Weiss, Felice Tilin, and Marlene J. Morgan. By exploring theoretical concepts of leadership in an interdisciplinary health care environment, this text provides practical examples from the perspective of health care scholars, scientists, faculty, and health administration professionals. Read a sample chapter now or visit our website for more information.

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Jones & Bartlett Learning Releases Nurse’s Drug Handbook App for iPhone and iPad

Nurse's Drug Handbook App for iPhone and iPadNow the authoritative Jones and Bartlett Learning 2014 Nurse’s Drug Handbook goes wherever you do with an affordably priced iPhone and iPad app.

An up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing drug reference, it provides:

  • Accurate, timely facts on hundreds of drugs from abatacept to zonisamide
  • Concise, consistently formatted drug entries organized alphabetically
  • No-nonsense writing style that speaks your language in terms you use everyday
  • Index of all generic, trade, and alternate drug names
  • Chemical and therapeutic classes, FDA pregnancy risk category, and controlled substance schedule
  • Indications and dosages, as well as route, onset, peak, and duration information
  • Incompatibilities and contraindications
  • Interactions with drugs, food, and activities
  • Adverse reactions
  • Nursing considerations, including key patient-teaching points
  • Mechanism-of-action illustrations
  • Warnings and precautions

New drug entries include: aclidinium bromide, anidulafungin, avanafil, icosapent ethyl, linaclotide, lorcserin, mifepristone, mirabegron, peginesatide, perampanel, teriflunomide, tofacitinib.

Did you know that 2014 Nurse’s Drug Handbook is also available as an Android app, as well as on Kindle, Google eBooks, and CourseSmart? Learn more at our website.

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The 2014 Criminal Justice Interactive Catalog is Now Available


2014 Criminal Justice Interactive Catalog

Take a look at our 2014 Criminal Justice Interactive Catalog for a complete list of course resources, new technology, and custom print solutions. View the catalog on your computer or mobile device, or download and print a copy for your reference.

Discover all new Criminal Justice texts and resources across the curricula:

Click HERE to look inside the interactive catalog now, or DOWNLOAD your copy today!

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Jones & Bartlett Learning and Ascend Learning Employees Support a Local Animal Shelter


A Sterling Animal Shelter employee loads the plethora of donated items.

JB Learning Cares, the employee led charity committee of Jones & Bartlett Learning, kicked off 2014 by organizing a drive to benefit the Sterling Animal Shelter, Inc., located in Sterling, Massachusetts. Jones & Bartlett Learning and Ascend Learning employees once again stepped up to help others, proving their selfless and compassionate nature. Generous employees have historically donated their time, energy, and money to a variety of drives, including food drives throughout the year, coat drives in the cold winter months, and toy drives during the holidays, but this was the first JB Learning Cares drive to benefit our four-legged, furry friends.


The last of the 19 puppies from Puerto Rico at Sterling Animal Shelter waiting for a forever home.

Employees donated food, toys, cat litter, cleaning supplies, etc. to the shelter. The drive was timely in that the Sterling Animal Shelter had recently welcomed 19 puppies from San Juan, Puerto Rico through All Sato Rescue, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico and find them forever homes. JB Learning Cares is happy to report that only one puppy of the 19 sent to Sterling Animal Shelter three weeks prior, remained to be adopted.


One of the many cats at the shelter waiting to be adopted.

If you are interested in adopting a new pet or donating to the Sterling Animal Shelter, Inc., visit

About Sterling Animal Shelter
The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling, Massachusetts is a non-profit organization (formed in 1988 – incorporated in 1996) and no-kill animal shelter with no time or age restrictions. The shelter exists to provide humane sheltering and high quality medical care for stray, unwanted, abused and neglected animals and to find loving, lifelong homes for orphaned pets.

About JB Learning Cares
JB Learning Cares, the Jones & Bartlett Learning philanthropy program, is an employee group interested in the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause or participate in fundraising activities. Our mission is to support, encourage, and facilitate charitable activities, donations and services within the Jones & Bartlett Learning community while maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the company as a whole. JB Learning Cares aspires to make a difference by providing employees with an opportunity to generate and participate in charitable and rewarding activities. We seek to use our resources and reputation as an innovative and distinguished company to promote education, wellness and community involvement.

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New Review: Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, Second Edition is “a wonderful resource in the area of physical history/examination and diagnostic reasoning”

Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, Second EditionGreat news to share– Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, Second Edition by Jacqueline Rhoads and Sandra Wiggins Petersen just earned 5 stars and a perfect score of 100 from Doody’s Review Service. According to reviewer Kathleen M. Woodruff, DNP, from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, it is “a wonderful resource in the area of physical history/examination and diagnostic reasoning.”

Read more excerpts from the review:

“This book not only provides a solid foundation of health history and physical examination knowledge, it also links this with beginning diagnostic reasoning skills.

The audience includes advanced practice primary care/healthcare students and faculty. The authors are both experienced advanced practice nurse practitioners with a breadth of knowledge to share with readers.

The initial three chapters ground readers in the areas of health history, physical examination, and diagnostic reasoning. The subsequent chapters address these topics through various systemic disorders. Each chapter includes valuable information related to assessing special/specific populations and includes a case review. Many clear diagrams and pictures enhance understanding.

[This text] helps readers to link the pieces of the process and begin to understand how diagnostic reasoning is accomplished in a patient care setting. The case reviews are a wonderful mechanism to create the linkage. The [new] edition is more than justified since healthcare is constantly evolving.”

Can’t wait to learn more? Visit our website.

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5-Star Review for Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition, Fourth Edition

Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition, Fourth EditionPractical Applications in Sports Nutrition, Fourth Edition by Heather Hedrick Fink and Alan E. Mikesky just received a perfect score of 100 and 5 stars from Doody’s Review Service! Erik H. VanIterson, M.S., M.Bio, the reviewer from the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology, writes that it contains “the most current evidence from the peer-reviewed literature in both the nutritional and exercise sciences.”

Read more excerpts from the review:

“The book is well organized and devotes specific chapters to the science, the practical setting, and the epidemiology as well. It also includes many clear and concise tables and figures to highlight important concepts.

Both students and sports professionals can use this book. Because of the breadth of information this book provides, it can be useful for undergraduate students as well as coaches, trainers, or exercise physiologists.

This update remains consistent in quality and usefulness with previous editions. It is authored by well-respected scientists and offers key scientific findings demonstrating the advances in the field.”

Interested in learning more? Preview a sample chapter now or visit our website.

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Interactive Microbiology Animations Bring Microbiology Phenomena to Life – Featuring 20 NEW Interactive and Engaging Animations!


Click on the image to view a sample animation

Jones & Bartlett Learning’s Microbiology Animations bring fascinating microbiology phenomena to life with a collection of vivid, full color, interactive exercises. Twenty new animations have been developed to provide students with more visual, interactive, and engaging exercises! Each animation guides students through microbiology processes and gauges students’ progress and understanding with assessment questions introduced throughout each narrated animation. These “Speed Bumps” serve to ensure that students fully understand the process demonstrated as well as retain the knowledge for future quizzes and tests.

The Jones & Bartlett Learning suite of animations demonstrates the processes listed below. The newly incorporated animations are bolded.

  • Conjugation
  • Membrane Structure and Transport
  • Transduction
  • Complement
  • Translation
  • Inflammation
  • Antimicrobial drugs: Antibiotics and Resistance
  • Noncompetitive and Competitive Inhibition
  • Domains of Life
  • Glycolysis
  • Citric Acid Cycle
  • Electron Transport Chain
  • Transcription
  • Host Immune Defenses
  • Virulence
  • Fermentation
  • Bacterial Growth Curve
  • Photosynthesis
  • Mutations
  • Light Microscopy
  • Gram staining
  • Binary fission
  • Bacterial DNA replication
  • Transformation
  • Bacteriophage replication: Lysogenic cycle
  • Virus entry methods
  • Flu virus structure and recombination
  • Phagocytosis
  • Humoral Immunity
  • Cell-mediated immunity
  • Bacterial cell motility and chemotaxis
  • Mechanism of enzyme action
  • The operon and negative control
  • Bacteriophage replication: Lytic cycle
  • Virus structure
  • Herpes virus replication cycle
  • HIV virus and replication
  • Interferon action
  • Antibody function and antigen clearance
  • Type 1 hypersensitivity

These interactive animations are included in Navigate Fundamentals of Microbiology, a complete courseware solution for introductory microbiology courses.  They can also enhance any microbiology course, on-ground or online, and bundle perfectly with any of our microbiology texts/eBooks, such as:

To learn more about how to integrate this content into your course and view a sample animation, visit our site, complete the online form and site access will be emailed to you.

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