November 24th is Evolution Day!

OriginofSpeciesToday marks the 156th anniversary since the publication of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species. Every year scientists celebrate Evolution Day to commemorate Darwin’s contributions to science and to focus on and educate the public about evolutionary biology.

Today, Evolution is a core undergraduate course for any young biologist working through their academic career. We like to celebrate our prolific science forefathers by highlighting our quality textbooks written by leading scientists and educators.

Strickberger’s Evolution by Brian K. Hall of Dalhousie University and Benedikt Hallgrimsson of University of Calgary is our best-selling Evolution textbook. Dr. Hall played a major role in integrating evolutionary and developmental biology into the discipline now known as Evolutionary Developmental Biology (evo-devo); he wrote the first evo-devo text book, published in 1990 and a second edition in 1999 (Hall 1999a).hall5e

Professor Jan Jeffrey Hoover of Millsaps College had this to say about the text:

[Strickberger’s Evolution, Fifth Edition] provides a broad, well-written, and well-illustrated overview of evolution and systematics, both theory and empirical examples. The image bank is a useful resource for instructors and the online resources are helpful for students.

We are also pleased to showcase another Evolution text by Dr. Hall; Evolution: Principles and Practices. Dr. Hall wrote this text to fit the one-term  Evolution course taken by non-science majors.

Visit our website to learn more about these two outstanding Evolution texts,  And Happy Evolution Day!

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