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    Webinar: See How Navigate 2 Can Engage Students and Enhance Your Microbiology Course

    Posted by Lindsay White on Apr 6, 2015 3:30:20 PM

    Nav2_homescreenWith Navigate 2, learning is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. Navigate 2 allows you to provide content that keeps your students interested and benefits multiple learning styles while saving valuable time.

    In fall 2014, we conducted a focus group with students at Glendale Community College on Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Fundamentals of Microbiology, Tenth Edition, and this is what they had to say about learning with Navigate 2 Advantage Access:

    “There are way more tools that are very helpful compared to other online resources I have used in addition to textbooks for previous classes.”

    “The features in the eBook are fantastic and I haven’t seen any other eBooks that have similar features.”

    “Navigate 2 provides a lot of useful tools to help study and it is easy to use.”

    “I like the discussion questions because these activities would help me check my understanding of the material.”

    “I like the different variety of activities I could use to study.”

    We recently lead a webinar to demonstrate how Navigate 2 can engage students and enhance a microbiology curriculum. View the webinar for a walkthrough of:

    • the Interactive eBook with animations
    • the useful flashcards
    • how to easily add a quiz and manage assessments
    • the hassle-free gradebook
    • detailed reporting with actionable data

    Learn more about Navigate 2 solutions for our best-selling microbiology texts:

    See the results from the Navigate 2 focus group with students from Glendale Community College.

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