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    Transform the Learning Experience with PAL Psychology

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Sep 20, 2012 2:28:30 PM

    Studies show that more than 25% of college students drop out in the first year. What can instructors and institutions do differently to retain more students and help them become more successful in the classroom? Jones & Bartlett Learning presents PAL Psychology, a new, personalized adaptive learning program that provides unprecedented insight and actionable information on real-time student performance.

    Watch a short preview video now:


    By combining study planning, homework assignments, and personalized assessment and remediation tools in one easy-to-use application, PAL Psychology improves learning outcomes and retention rates by helping students make the most of their study time. Adaptive study plans tailor content to address each student’s weaknesses while diagnostic and formative assessments continuously monitor student proficiency and progress over time.

    PAL Psychology helps instructors be more effective in the classroom by providing the personalized learning environment students need to master concepts through dynamic content delivery and authentic assessments tied to learning objectives. By customizing the learning experience based on specific student needs, PAL eliminates the "one size fits all" mode of instruction. When students receive the right content at the right time, engagement deepens and participation grows. The result is higher retention, increased critical thinking skills, and greater career readiness.

    Interested in learning more? Visit our website or contact your Account Specialist today.

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