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    Jones & Bartlett Learning Author Featured in ASHA Article on PhD Programs in Communication Sciences

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Oct 6, 2017 12:44:32 PM

    Ronald B. Gillam, co-author of Communication Sciences and Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice, Third Edition, recently published an article for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) entitled "ASHA Report: PhD Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Innovative Models and Practices of PhD Education." In the featured piece, Gillam discusses a report from the Academic Affairs Board (AAB) of ASHA following interviews in fall 2016 from "73 of the 76 directors of PhD programs in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) in the United States."

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    5-Star Review for Preventing Sudden Death in Sport & Physical Activity, Second Edition

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Apr 27, 2017 3:45:53 PM

    Athlete safety and the prevention of sudden death on the field are growing concerns in sports and physical activity. That's what makes the groundbreaking Preventing Sudden Death in Sport and Physical Activity, Second Edition by Douglas J. Casa and Rebecca L. Stearns so essential. In a recent 5-star review, Ernest Eugene, MS, BS, from Virginia Tech, writing for Doody's Review Service raves that,

    “The new edition of this important book reflects the updates in this field as a result of the research since the previous edition. I will use in my daily practice.”

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    Topics: American College of Sports Medicine, Douglas J. Casa, Health, ACSM, Doody's Review Service, Navigate 2, Rebecca L. Stearnsso, Review

    World Health Day Focuses On Talking About Depression

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Apr 7, 2017 11:36:08 AM

    Today marks World Health Day, an international initiative that draws attention to a specific health issue and celebrates the start of the World Health Organization (WHO). This year’s theme is "Depression: Let's Talk." It focuses on the importance of talking about depression as a crucial component of recovery, to help reduce the stigma around mental disorders, and to encourage more people to seek help.

    According to the WHO,

    “Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. It causes mental anguish and impacts on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living. At worst, depression can lead to suicide, now the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year olds.”

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    Today is World AIDS Day

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Dec 1, 2016 11:58:45 AM

    December 1 marks World AIDS Day, a global initiative that acknowledges the progress made in AIDS treatment and prevention. This year the theme is "Leadership. Commitment. Impact." It encourages "leaders to strengthen their commitment to using evidence-based HIV interventions, prevention tools, and testing efforts to help us stop HIV."

    According to the CDC, about 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the U.S. Globally, that number jumps to 36.7 million, with two-thirds of new HIV infections occurring in sub-Saharan Africa. Prevention efforts have made strides worldwide, including CDC programs that:

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    One Health: From AIDS to Zika, Just In Time for One Health Day

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Oct 4, 2016 4:48:56 PM

    By Richard Riegelman MD, MPH, PhD, Professor and Founding Dean, Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University

    As Zika spreads to the U.S., climate change becomes a daily reality, and the presence of antibiotic resistance becomes a threat to human health, the One Health movement has emerged to help us understand how it all fits together. One Health looks at the relationship between human, animal, and ecosystem health and offers the potential for dramatic progress if the health professions work together to address these issues.

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    Global Health Workshop at Unite for Sight

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Aug 5, 2016 2:56:21 PM

    Richard Skolnik – Author of Global Health 101, Third Edition

    In April 2016, Unite for Sight asked me to facilitate a workshop on teaching global health at its annual Global Health and Innovation Conference. This followed a similar workshop I led in April 2014.

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    Topics: Health, Global health, Richard Skolnik

    Jones & Bartlett Learning Author and Health Policy and Law Expert Joel Teitelbaum Weighs in on the Latest Affordable Care Act Litigation

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jul 22, 2016 10:21:31 AM

    More than six years after becoming law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains heavily litigated.  Since 2010, dozens of lawsuits have been lodged against it, with four of them reaching the United States Supreme Court – a remarkable number given the law’s relatively short lifespan and the fact that the Court only grants approximately 80 of the 8,000 case petitions it receives each year.  ACA litigation continued apace over the past year, with two new important decisions handed down in May of 2016.

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    Topics: Health, ACA, Affordable Care Act, health policy, Joel Teitelbaum, Public Health

    Postpartum: Exercise Tips

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jun 15, 2016 1:59:15 PM

    This month, our special guest bloggers, Lilah Al-Masri, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, and Simon Bartlett, PhD, CSCS, ATC, authors of 100 Questions and Answers about Sports Nutrition & Exercise, offer expert postpartum exercise tips.

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    Topics: Health, 100 Questions and Answers about Sports Nutrition &, Lilah Al-Masri, Simon Bartlett

    Today Is World Blood Donor Day

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jun 14, 2016 2:48:18 PM

    With the recent tragic events in Orlando, people have been lining up to donate blood to help the victims of the attack. Today also marks World Blood Donor Day, a yearly campaign from the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness for the importance of donating blood that saves lives in communities all over the world. This year’s theme is “Blood connects us all.”

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    Postpartum: Nutrition Tips

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on May 3, 2016 2:23:54 PM
    This month, our special guest bloggers, Lilah Al-Masri, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, and Simon Bartlett, PhD, CSCS, ATC, authors of
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    Topics: Health, 100 Questions and Answers about Sports Nutrition &, Lilah Al-Masri, Simon Bartlett

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