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    Hear What Your Peers Have to Say About Climatology by Rohli and Vega

    Posted by Lindsay White on Feb 7, 2018 2:39:45 PM

    Rohli4e_cropped_1200.pngDon't just take our word for it when we say Climatology, Fourth Edition by Robert V. Rohli and Anthony J. Vega is the ideal climatology textbook. This is what instructors have to say about it:


    Read Chapter 1: Introduction to Climatology


    “…[Climatology] is one of the most comprehensive treatments of the science of climatology that I have encountered…This is a solid textbook and is worthy of use in climatology courses.”

    –Timothy J. Wallace, Mississippi State University

    “I do find that the inclusion of statistical and mathematical equations does make [Climatology] stand out from many others I have reviewed…I feel the main strength is the depth covered within each chapter.  I have reviewed at least five climatology textbooks, and this one has the most scientific explanations and examples…I find this to be my favorite textbook at discussing the physical processes and details of Earth’s climate system… I sincerely feel this is one of the finest and most comprehensive climatology textbooks out there.”Rohli4e.jpg

    –Dr. Stephen Tsikalas, Jacksonville State University

    “The biggest strength [of Climatology] is the overall accessibility of the material for undergraduate students. Generally, the authors do a great job of explaining fairly complex principles without watering it down.”

    –Dr. Tianna Bogart, Frostburg State University

    As of now it is the best text on the market for my course.  I feel like [Climatology] does a great job covering the basic science behind what causes differences in climate geographically.  I also like that the text covers both natural and anthropogenic climate variability.”

    –Dr. Kimberly DeBiasse, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


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