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    5 Reasons to Adopt Krasner's Microbial Challenge

    Posted by Suzy Balk on May 7, 2019 8:06:25 AM


    Krasner's Microbial Challenge1. Text Format

    The number of parts in this edition have been updated to five and are sequentially presented to assist the student in following the logic of the narrative. All of the examples that illustrate key principles in the chapters have been updated. The art, photos, and overall design have been improved throughout the text.

    2. Teaching Tools

    A variety of Teaching Tools are available to assist instructors with preparing for and teaching their course. Resources include:

    • Answers to In-Text Questions
    • Image Bank
    • Instructor Manual
    • PowerPoint Slides
    • Test Bank

    3. Laboratory Component

    If your course does include a lab component or you are interested in more hands-on activities, we have both print and digital resources to help you and your students succeed.

    • Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology has been the trusted resource for providing undergraduate students with a solid foundation of microbiology laboratory skills and now includes access to over 110 minutes of videos that teach common lab skills
    • Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory Video Series is available as a stand-alone product and includes 110 minutes of high-quality videos showing real students performing the most common lab skills, procedures, and techniques

    4. The Student Experience

    In the Fourth Edition, each chapter begins with a Content Outline; a Case Study followed by references, questions, and activities; Learning Objectives; and a Chapter Preview allowing students to look ahead and stay focused on the material. A student companion website has been developed exclusively for this text with robust practice quizzes, web links, and flashcards.

    5. Author Credentials

    Teri Shors, PhD, University of Wisconsin. Teri Shors is a devoted teacher and researcher at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has been a recipient of university awards, including a distinguished teaching award and two endowed professorships. Initiative, creativity, using technology in the classroom, networking, and leading collaborative, cross-disciplinary studies are all hallmarks of Shors’ talents. Her use of technology, current events topics, and humor makes her popular among students in the classroom.


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