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    Review: “Lewin’s GENES XI is the best molecular biology textbook with a high reputation."

    Posted by Lindsay White on Dec 23, 2015 12:23:58 PM

    KrebsGENESXIWe recently conducted a review of our best-selling and highly regarded, GENES XI textbook. We sought feedback from instructors who are currently or have very recently used the text in their molecular biology course and instructors who have not adopted the current Eleventh Edition.

    Specifically, instructors had this to say about the text’s organization and comprehensive coverage of content:

    “For the level of class I teach [the course is open to both upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students], the topic depth is excellent. In some cases, there is more depth than I will need/use, but topics are presented in a way that this extra depth does not preclude the student/reader from gaining the knowledge and level of depth the instructor is targeting.”

    – Dr. Matthew Stern, Winthrop University

    Genes XI is a great textbook to use for upper-level undergraduates as I prepare them for a career in the molecular biosciences.  Because Genes XI is a comprehensive text that is commonly used in first year graduate courses, it is an excellent tool that can be used when preparing students for eventual graduate studies.”

    – Dr. Bradley Isler, Ferris State University

    “After reviewing both the latest edition of Watson et al. and Genes XI, I decided to go with Genes XI because I felt it was the most comprehensive and also aligned most closely with the ‘graduate class in an undergraduate setting’ personality of the course…I feel that Genes XI is far more complete and thorough than Watson et al.”

    – Dr. Bradley Isler, Ferris State University

    “…overall I prefer GENES and have used this textbook for about 17 years since I believe it is overall superior to and more focused than Molecular Biology of the Cell.”

    – Dr. Trygve Tollefsbol, University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Lewin’s GENES XI is the best molecular biology textbook with a high reputation.  It is well written, up to date, and internationally adopted…The key strengths are the comprehensiveness.  Almost every aspect of genes is included in the textbook.”

    – Dr. Zhiming Liu, Eastern New Mexico University

    “The molecular biology class I took as an undergraduate student used GENES VI, and I have always considered it one of the best books I used as a student.”

    – Dr. Matthew Stern, Winthrop University

    Learn more about the comprehensive GENES XI by visiting our site.

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