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    Pilot Studies Show Navigate eFolio: Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge Has a Positive Impact on Student Learning and Engagement

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Mar 13, 2014 3:43:38 PM

    nurinforIn Fall 2013, we pilot tested Navigate eFolio: Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge with two instructors and their students at Darton State College and The University of Texas at Tyler. Both instructors and 65 students provided us with their feedback and experiences using the product. In addition, the instructors allowed us to link information about their students’ performance to access frequency so we could evaluate the relationship.

    More than 80% of students said that our Navigate eFolio prepared them well for class, was enjoyable to use, and helped them study more efficiently. Also, nearly all students were glad they tried it and would recommend it for future use.

    What did students have to say?

    "[Navigate eFolio] helped me learn through its engaging web layout and tools that allow for note taking and printing of subject material.”

    “Having all the information readily available [in Navgiate eFolio] was very useful, easy to access and helped in the learning process.”

    “Taking the quiz in [Navigate eFolio] after I read and study the material helps me to know if I am prepared or not.”

    “I learn better by having different activities to complete along with the reading assignments. [Navigate eFolio] stimulates different areas of my brain and helps me to concentrate longer."

    "[Navigate eFolio] helped me understand course content.”

    “I liked how the media and quizzes in [Navigate eFolio] engaged me in the learning process. It increased my understanding of the concepts we were studying.”

    “[Navigate eFolio] made the learning more fun and enjoyable. It was easy to stay organized.”

    “I enjoyed the variety of exercises and different ways to learn in [Navigate eFolio]. I liked playing games. It helped me to retain the information easier."

    The pilot studies also showed that the Navigate eFolio had a positive impact on student learning, especially with frequent use. Of the students participating in the pilot study, 89% agreed that it was a helpful learning tool.

    DartonStateCollegeMost importantly, the findings could show with data that those students who accessed the product more frequently were also the higher performers. For example, at Darton State College students receiving an “A” in class accessed the product more frequently (on average 20 times more over the duration of the semester) than students receiving a “B or below.” The difference is statistically significant. A similar effect could be found at The University of Texas at Tyler, but smaller and not statistically significant.

    ebookinputThe pilot studies also found that the Navigate eFolio impacted how students feel about eBooks. Research from the Book Industry Study Group has shown that students’ preference for print over digital texts has dropped from 72% in 2011 to 60% in 2012. However, only 26% were highly satisfied with their digital text. On the contrary, 49% of students were very satisfied with the Navigate eFolio. Additionally, after a positive experience with the product, only 11% still favored printed textbooks, while 31% of students preferred eBooks, and 58% said they liked having both formats side by side.

    How did the Navigate eFolio compare to a print only textbook?

    “[Navigate eFolio] makes it easier to access when you don’t have the book in hand.”

    “[Navigate eFolio] provided quicker access than using an actual book.”

    “[I] enjoyed the ease of reading the book online—much easier to pull it up on any computer than carrying the book around.”

    “The information is readily available without having to flip through pages of the book. I really enjoyed using Navigate eFolio.”

    “Navigate eFolio had tools that allowed me to take notes, highlight areas, print, and save subject material.”

    “[In Navigate eFolio] things were very easy to find and get to, so I didn’t spend a lot of time searching.”

    “Be being able to look up things easily [in Navigate eFolio] instead of flipping through the book was helpful.”

    For more information, visit our Navigate website.

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