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    Public Health Nursing: Practicing Population-Based Care, Third Edition Broadens the Discussion on Public Health

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jul 13, 2017 4:54:12 PM

    In today's world, it's important to see public health nursing within the larger paradigm of primary health care. The just published Public Health Nursing: Practicing Population-Based Care, Third Edition by Marie Truglio-Londrigan and Sandra B. Lewenson challenges educators and students to broaden their perspectives on public health and working with populations.

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    Falvo and Holland’s Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability, Sixth Edition Features a Unique and Individualized Approach

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Apr 17, 2017 3:30:12 PM

    Nursing students and professionals who work with the chronically ill need to understand not only their clients' conditions but also the impact that those conditions have on daily life. The recently published Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability, Sixth Edition by Donna Falvo and Beverley E. Holland explores the impact of chronic illness and disability on the capacity to function on a physical, psychological, social, recreational, and vocational level.

    Designed to help students and professionals learn basic medical terminology in order to understand symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses, it also helps them interpret reports and documents associated with client care. The text also focuses on how to help clients build and strengthen their personal resources so they may achieve optimal functioning and full participation in all aspects of their lives.

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    Topics: Beverley E. Holland, chronic illness, Donna Falvo, DSM-V, Health care, health care, New Edition, nursing, Psychiatric

    World AIDS Day Strives for Leadership, Commitment, and Impact

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Dec 1, 2016 12:24:47 PM

    December 1 marks World AIDS Day, a global initiative that acknowledges the progress made in AIDS treatment and prevention. This year the theme is "Leadership. Commitment. Impact." It encourages "leaders to strengthen their commitment to using evidence-based HIV interventions, prevention tools, and testing efforts to help us stop HIV."

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    Topics: Centers for Disease Control, Health care, nursing, World AIDS Day

    Nurse-Led Care Initiatives Help Vulnerable Populations

    Posted by jessicaf on Aug 24, 2015 10:13:29 AM

    Vulnerable populations are often overlooked in many communities across the nation. As a result, nurse-led initiatives have provided care to those who might not otherwise have access. For example, in 1995, Dr. Andrea Bostrom opened the Herkimer Health Center in collaboration with the Grand Valley State University in an effort to provide mental health services to the vulnerable populations of the inner city. In 1999, a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation help them with funding “for nurse managed clinic development at four Michigan university colleges of nursing: Wayne State, University of Michigan, Michigan State and Grand Valley State.”

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    Topics: Ethics, Health care, nursing

    New Nursing Program Seeks to Improve Health Policy

    Posted by jessicaf on Jul 28, 2015 10:53:14 AM

    Health care policy is a hot topic in politics right now, and it is crucial that nurses join the conversation. In a recent article, Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses argues that “all too often, the body of people making decisions and planning societal changes lacks a clinical healthcare background.” However, one university has created a program to help change that.

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    Topics: Government, Health care, health policy, Health Policy and Politics, Jeri A. Milstead, Leadership, nursing, nursing research, The University of New Mexico College of Nursing, Webinar

    Evidence-Based Practice: An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Organizations

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Feb 14, 2012 7:28:26 AM

    Irene Mabbott just wrote a lovely review of Evidence-Based Practice: An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Organizations for the UK-based Nursing Standard. Here is a snippet:

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    November 2011: Author celebrates National Caregiver's Month

    Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2011 8:31:37 AM

    The following blog post is from Cathy Cress, author of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management:

    November is National Caregiver’s Month. This is an opportunity for Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) to celebrate and call attention to the plight of family caregivers. In the third edition of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, I have added a chapter, “Assessing and supporting the Family Caregiver” (Ch.9). This new chapter highlights GCM’s important role in building this desperately needed platform for drowning family caregivers. Why are they drowning?

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    JBL attending STTI’s 41st Biennial Convention

    Posted by admin on Oct 19, 2011 4:44:56 PM

    If you will be attending STTI’s 41st Biennial Convention, come by the exhibit hall and say “Hi!” to JBL in booth #220!

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    Topics: convention, Health care, health policy, Nurse Practitioner, nursing, nursing practice, STTI

    Quantum Leadership: "Porter-O'Grady never disappoints."

    Posted by admin on Oct 18, 2011 1:01:23 PM

    Quantum Leadership: Advancing Innovation, Transforming Health Care, Third Edition

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    Topics: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Health care, health care, Leadership, leadership, management, nursing, quantum, Review, review

    Review: Health Policy

    Posted by admin on Oct 12, 2011 4:11:09 PM

    Health Policy: Application for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

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    Topics: Ethics, Government, Health care, health care, health policy, health policy, Law, management, Nurse Practitioner, nursing, nursing practice, Policy, Review, review

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