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    Just Published: Flipping the Nursing Classroom

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Feb 23, 2016 4:26:48 PM

    Flipping the Nursing Classroom: Where Active Learning Meets TechnologyNurse educators are constantly looking for innovative teaching strategies to meet students' needs and to improve learning outcomes. Increasingly, educators are turning to a flipped classroom strategy where students receive lecture content prior to class and work through applications and activities during class time. Why this change? Research is showing that it can promote active learning and participation in the classroom with the assistance of fellow students and the instructor. That's why we just published Flipping the Nursing Classroom: Where Active Learning Meets Technology by Karen Hessler, an innovative text that focuses on the flipped learning model in the framework of nursing education.

    Serving as an easy-to-read and conversational "how-to" guide for instructors, it draws on the author's extensive experience in addition to research that shows flipping the nursing classroom as an evidence-based teaching strategy. It opens by defining the flipped classroom and includes evidence that this technique improves student outcomes. Using both learning theory and cognitive load theory to demonstrate why the flipped classroom is an effective mode of learning, it also teaches nurse educators how to implement this technique and use it to evaluate student success.

    Key features:

    • Case exemplars
    • Video lectures narrated by the author
    • Tips for getting started
    • Detailed experiences of flipping the classroom

    Are you interested in learning more? Preview a sample chapter now, visit our website, or watch a recent webinar with the author.

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