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    New White Paper Shows Increased Use of Navigate 2 Improves Student Enrichment

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Dec 4, 2015 1:38:58 PM

    IMG_1266Earlier this year, we surveyed students about their experience using Navigate 2 over the course of a semester. Participating students received access to Navigate 2 online course materials, including an interactive eBook, student practice activities, and assessments. In our new white paper, we examine the findings that students who used Navigate 2 often reported more positive learning experiences.

    Read the full white paper now.

    Navigate 2 Scores High on Student Satisfaction Rates

    Overall, when asked if they would recommend Navigate 2 for that course in the future, 81% of students said that they would. For students who used Navigate 2 o­ften during their course, 90% reported that they would recommend it. Additionally, of those students who would recommend Navigate 2, the reasons most frequently cited were its helpfulness as a study tool and ease of use. For example, more than 70% of students found Navigate 2 easy to use.

    The majority of students reported that Navigate 2 activities were helpful to their learning, especially when used o­ften:

    • 85% said the activities helped them learn
    • 81% said the activities kept them focused in class
    • 80% said the activities helped them organize their studying
    • 78% said the activities kept them engaged in class

    Overall, 67% of students surveyed were satisfied with Navigate 2. Moreover, students who accessed Navigate 2 often reported a 79% satisfaction rate compared to 51% for those who used it sometimes. Therefore, it can be concluded that using Navigate 2 with higher frequency can result in richer learning experiences.

    Nav 2 white paper overall satisfaction

    Navigate 2 Makes Content More Accessible

    When asked if the Navigate 2 eBook allowed them to be more flexible with their study time, 69% of students said that it did. For those students who used the eBook o­ften, 74% said that it made studying more accessible. Students said specifically that the eBook was easy to access and allowed them to study more flexibly.

    When asked to rank Navigate 2 features on a scale of 1 to 10, students rated organization and ease of use at 7.4 overall and 7.9 for o­ften use. The study center and assessments also received high ratings.

    Nav 2 white paper average raing

    What’s more, after their experience using the Navigate 2 eBook, the majority of students preferred it to using a printed text alone.

    Nav 2 white paper textbook formatConclusions

    • The majority of students would recommend Navigate 2 to others and found it easy to use
    • Students who used Navigate 2 more often reported higher satisfaction rates
    • Students overwhelming said that the Navigate 2 eBook made content more accessible
    • After their experience using Navigate 2, students preferred it to a printed textbook alone

    To learn more about Navigate 2, visit our website.

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