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    Nurse-Led Care Initiatives Help Vulnerable Populations

    Posted by jessicaf on Aug 24, 2015 10:13:29 AM

    Vulnerable populations are often overlooked in many communities across the nation. As a result, nurse-led initiatives have provided care to those who might not otherwise have access. For example, in 1995, Dr. Andrea Bostrom opened the Herkimer Health Center in collaboration with the Grand Valley State University in an effort to provide mental health services to the vulnerable populations of the inner city. In 1999, a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation help them with funding “for nurse managed clinic development at four Michigan university colleges of nursing: Wayne State, University of Michigan, Michigan State and Grand Valley State.”

    The mission of the Herkimer center has not changed. Today, the nursing faculty and staff see as many as 5,500 patients a year. The College has partnered with other agencies such as a transitional housing provider to offer a full suite of services to those in need. In addition, this facility serves as a place for students and professionals to develop skills and experience and maintain their credentials.

    falvoJones & Bartlett Learning is committed to providing resources that teach students the importance of caring for vulnerable populations. The recently published Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability, Fifth Edition by Donna Falvo helps students and counselors with little to no medical background better understand manifestations of common chronic illnesses and disabilities their clients experience. Readers of this text will gain a better understanding of the impact that chronic illness and disability have on all aspects of their clients’ lives in order to help them build and strengthen personal resources to achieve optimal functioning and inclusion in all areas of their lives.


    de Chesnay

    Caring for the Vulnerable: Perspectives in Nursing Theory, Practice and Research, Fourth Edition by Mary de Chesnay and Barbara A. Anderson explores vulnerability from the perspective of individuals, groups, communities, and populations. It specifically addresses how vulnerability affects the field of nursing. Written from a global perspective, this edition provides an overview of treatments and issues as well as a basic structure for caring for the vulnerable with the ultimate goal of providing culturally competent care.



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