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    Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Pharmacology for Nurses Brings Pharmacology to Life with Interactive Animations

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jun 10, 2015 12:05:31 PM

    Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Pharmacology for NursesDid you know that our groundbreaking Pharmacology for Nurses by Blaine T. Smith offers Navigate 2 Advantage Access? Included with each new print copy or available as digital-only access, it unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools. What's more, Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Pharmacology for Nurses features more than 20 interactive animations. They include:

    • Pharmacokinetics of Drugs
    • Schematic Representation of Protein Binding
    • Parts of a Syringe
    • Administering a Subcutaneous Injection
    • Subcutaneous Injection Sites
    • How to Give an Intramuscular Injection
    • Administering a Vastus lateralis Injection
    • Administering a Deltoid Injection
    • Using an Inhaler
    • Administering Nasal Spray
    • Comparison of the Two Divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System
    • Two Parts of The Nervous System
    • Sites of Action of Opioid Analgesics
    • Neuromuscular Transmission
    • Catecholamine Synthesis
    • Catecholamine Metabolism
    • The Gastrointestinal System's Functions
    • Human Endocrine System
    • Glucose Metabolism
    • Hormonal Interactions in PCOS
    • Anatomy of the Eye
    • Diagram Azole Antifungal Inhibition of Ergosterol Biosynthesis

    Preview an animation now:

    About the text:

    Pharmacology for NursesPharmacology for Nurses presents the complex topic of pharmacology to undergraduate nursing students through its concise, yet digestible coverage of the material, overall design, and use of images and tables to reinforce content. It also draws on a vast array of pharmacology teaching experience and knowledge from top nursing faculty.

    • Designed to reflect real-life clinical applications as well as a fundamental introduction to pharmacology for nurses
    • Focuses on the critical need-to-know information, including the interrelationship of physiologic processes, drug interactions, and the homeostatic nature of the body
    • Presents the basics of both pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in a way that applies each subject to clinical practice
    • Explores patient and drug variables as well as drug interactions and effects along with the administration of medications

    To learn more, preview a sample chapter now or visit our website.

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