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    Pilot Study Shows Navigate eFolio Increases Student Learning and Engagement

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Oct 4, 2013 2:56:12 PM

    Navigate eFolio: PathophysiologyRecent research from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) showed that student preferences for eBooks has increased 12% over the past two years, while a 2012 Scholastic study found that eBook reading rates for children ages 9-17 jumped from 25% to 46% during this time. Given these trends, current and future college students are embracing digital learning solutions at unprecedented rates.

    To meet the needs of today’s students, Jones & Bartlett Learning developed Navigate eFolio, an exciting alternative for instructors and students looking for a more interactive learning experience than a print textbook provides. Recently, we conducted a pilot study for Navigate eFolio: Pathophysiology, an innovative digital solution featuring an interactive eBook and course management tools. Conducted across eight individual higher education institutions throughout the U.S., the pilot study included more than 90 students and six instructors using the product in their Pathophysiology course for one semester. The purpose of this pilot study was to gather data around the efficacy of using a digital product with an interactive eBook and to measure student satisfaction and engagement.

    At the end of the semester, we surveyed students about their experience using Navigate eFolio: Pathophysiology. Overwhelmingly, students said they benefited from the highly interactive features, including lively animations that brought complex context to life. Moreover, students reported that the ability to highlight and take notes helped them create a personalized study guide and focus on areas of difficulty in preparation for a class discussion or exam.

    • 90% of students using the quick quizzes said they were valuable
    • 87% of students who used the online assessments said they liked them
    • 78% of students said that the product helped them learn

    What else did students think about Navigate eFolio: Pathophysiology?

    “…makes me more eager to learn than a print book would.”

    “I like being able to have my book with me all the time so I can study on the go. Sometimes I don’t always have the printed book when I need it, but I always have my laptop with me.”

    “I believe that I will have a better grade in this class because of the Navigate eFolio.”

    Want to learn more? Read the entire research findings, visit our website, or watch a preview video now:

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