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    Author Peggy L. Chinn Launches New Blog

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Feb 19, 2013 4:52:18 PM

    Peggy L. Chinn

    Did you know that Peggy L. Chinn, author of Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community, Eighth Edition, just launched a new blog?

    Intended to celebrate peace, understanding, empowerment, growth, and solidarity, the blog's goal is to help personal, local, and global communities interact and make peaceful conflict resolution a practical reality.

    Chinn writes on the new blog that,

    The first page I have developed for this blog site is the “Concepts” page, which provides a nutshell explanation of the meanings of the concepts of “PEACE” and “Power” in relation to the group process that we call “Peace and Power.”


    About the text

    Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community, Eighth EditionBased on her experiences in classrooms, committees, and workshops, author and nurse educator Peggy Chinn illustrates how every participant in a group can be valued as a leader in Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community, Eighth Edition. This text is the essential hands-on guide for developing cooperative group processes and overcoming the habits of exclusionary group interactions. A perfect resource for faculty, community groups, committees, and others seeking to promote greater integrity and cooperation in their groups and organizations.

    • Proposes how to create group interactions using a more equitable model and advocates reasons for doing so
    • Shows how to build meaningful relationships through a nurturing and empowering leadership method
    • Illustrates how every person can be powerful and contribute to a group in ways that are often overlooked when the group depends on one engaging leader
    • Inspires ways of incorporating peaceful value into work, home, and community

    For more information, visit our website.

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