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    Education Secretary Advocates for Digital Textbooks

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Oct 31, 2012 3:19:22 PM

    Arne Duncan, Education Secretary

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently called on the nation to move away from print textbooks in favor of digital ones, declaring that "over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete." Speaking to the National Press Club, Duncan cited the need to compete with other countries that are beginning to or have already outperformed American students. "The world is changing," he said. "This has to be where we go as a country.’’

    While referring specifically to primary and secondary education, the implications reach into higher education and beyond. The shift towards interactive online learning has the potential to provide a more dynamic and engaging learning experience. By moving beyond traditional textbooks, instructors are turning to interactive eBooks, such as Navigate eFolio, to help students develop better critical thinking skills leading to greater career readiness.

    With Navigate eFolio, the textbook becomes a dynamic and engaging eBook with enhanced activities™. Navigate eFolio is an exciting alternative for instructors and students looking for a more interactive learning experience than a print textbook provides.

    Recently, Jones & Bartlett Learning launched Navigate eFolio: Pathophysiology to address an often daunting subject for nursing students to learn, and a complicated class for instructors to teach. With Navigate eFolio: Pathophysiology, difficult concepts come to life for students while instructors find time-saving resources to make teaching easier and more effective. Watch a short preview video now:


    For more information on this and other Navigate eFolio products, visit our Navigate website or contact your Account Specialist.

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