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    May is National Geriatric Care Manager Month

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on May 10, 2012 5:07:12 PM

    In honor of National Geriatric Care Manager Month, we wanted to share this guest blog post,

    The Top Ten Reasons Why You Can Afford A Geriatric Care Manager
    by Phyllis Brostoff

    10. We can do in 2 hours what it would take you 2 weeks to do.
    9. We know how to get around that "I'm saving for a rainy day" syndrome, when your folks are drowning in their problems.
    8. We're much cheaper than the cost of plane fare if you have to fly into town when your parents say "everything is fine" but you know it isn't.
    7. We can give you the scoop on which nursing home is really right for your parents.
    6. We can make your parents hear what you have said over and over again, but they refuse to listen to them, you are still a child.
    5. We can tell your annoying siblings to shut up, but graciously.
    4. We've helped hundreds of families a lot worse than yours.
    3. Your dad can't push our buttons.
    2. Next time you want to hang up on your mother, you can tell her to call us.
    1. We're available 24/7, so you don't have to be.Are you an adult child with your hair is on fire because you can’t do it all?  Want another reason to hire a geriatric care manager? Do you want to stop your sick, aging hospitalized relative from landing back in the hospital soon after discharge? The solution: hire a professional geriatric care manager.

    President Obama's proposed health care plan will wield a knife to do some needed cost cutting on Medicare. Those pared pieces will include fines on hospitals where older patients are rushed back to the ER, sirens wailing, soon after they arrived home. One in five Medicare patients returns to the hospital within one month of being discharged.

    If a Medicare recipient is readmitted in 30 days, hospitals risk big penalties under Obama’s proposed new health care legislation. Aging families, older people and suffer miserably when their relatives are needlessly readmitted and the cost for care post discharge soars

    Unnecessary readmission sometimes indicates the hospital did not prepare the family caregivers to minister to the older person’s needs, post discharge.

    Adult children can help prevent that quick readmission. But it places heavy load on kin, especially long distance caregivers This backbreaking task includes sometimes flying in with no notice, being with the older parent throughout the hospitalization and living on junk food from the hospital vending machines, getting the critical medication list before discharge, making sure you have complete discharge summary. Then you must, at the same time find all the community services that can help that older person stay at home by following those discharge orders and pay for expensive 24 care if needed.

    If you say to yourself, how can I do all this-- here is great solution: Hire an These aging professionals are experts at navigating the warped continuum of care including hospitals and aging community services. They can be your surrogate, getting an older relative into the hospital through the hospital, out of the hospital and back home safely, without a nightmare return trip back to the swamped emergency room. And they can do all those top ten items at the beginning of this blog.

    Read about the Third Edition of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management and more on author Cathy Cress’s website and blog.

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