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    Q&A with Author Cathy Cress on Geriatric Care Management

    Posted by admin on Aug 4, 2011 4:07:06 PM

    After publishing Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Third Edition, author Cathy Cress answers some questions about the geriatric care management field and profession.

    What is geriatric care management?
    Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) are healthcare professionals trained as social workers, nurses, and gerontologists. They often hold master’s degree in their field and have many years of practice. Many new GCMs hold new master’s degrees or certifications in geriatric care management, which now are offered an eight universities nationally.

    What does a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) do?
    Geriatric Care Managers solve the problems of older people and aging families with tools of geriatric assessment and care plans. They solve the changing needs of older clients and their family and private and family caregivers by regularly monitoring and assessing their needs.

    Geriatric Care Managers are available on a 24/7 basis.  They usually step in when the older person and their family are in crisis, to solve elder care problems like elderly parents needing care because of a fall or some other issue that spirals the older person’s stability out of control. GCMs also offer preventative services like helping older people and their families plan for care needs in the future.

    What is a GCM’s role with families?
    GCMs have what I call a “ Whole Family" approach. With the "Whole Family" approach, the GCM serves the older client but also organizes the aging family and midlife siblings to work as a team to support the older person. This takes assessing the family with an assessment labeled a family genogram, which can measure who is relating to whom and who is cut off from whom. GCM’s then help reorganize the aging family to support them to share the care for the older person.

    This support to the family is especially given to the designated family caregiver, as they provide direct care to the older client and may make decisions about care. They also may make decisions and provide support from a long distance.  The new edition of Handbook of Geriatric Care Management offers new chapters about caregiver stress and an assessment tool to measure caregiver strain, which often spirals an aging family into chaos.

    What other support services do GCMs provide to older clients and families?
    GCMs work with families who have sibling issues that exploded in midlife. GCMs are also great resources for families who just need a bit of guidance to get them through the elder care maze. GCMs can help lead family members to the right care at the right time, and find resources in the local continuum of care of the older person’s community. GCMs may partner with other senior resources in older client’s community like elder law attorneys, trust departments, home health agencies and any other service that the older person and family needs.

    What other areas of geriatric care management are covered in your book?
    This Third Edition of the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management contains new chapters on:

    • Geriatric Care Managers and technology
    • Mediation
    • Integrating geriatric care management into home care
    • Information on funding a geriatric care management business

    Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Third EditionVisit our website to learn more about Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Third Edition.

    Cathy Jo Cress, MSW, San Francisco State University

    ISBN-13: 978-0-7637-9026-4 | Hardcover | 526 pages | © 2012

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