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    Connecting Care for Patients "should serve as a 'go to' guide for clinicians"

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jan 24, 2019 3:54:37 PM

    Connecting Care for Patients

    The recently published Connecting Care for Patients: Interdisciplinary Care Transitions and Collaboration  by Barbara Katz is already garnering rave reviews. According to Dorothy Baker, PhD, FNP, MN, RN, Senior Research Scientist, Geriatrics at Yale School of Medicine,

    “The text should serve as a 'go to' guide for clinicians with sufficient clinical experience to witness gaps in care and question how the whole system operates. Given the breadth of perspectives and literature cited, it could serve as a guide for many disciplines to examine the situation that exists and ponder how things might be improved to the benefit of those in their care.”

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    Connecting Care for Patients: Interdisciplinary Care Transitions and Collaboration addresses practical strategies for creating connected, seamless, and transparent health care for patients in settings outside of the hospital. It presents antidotes to healthcare fragmentation caused by inefficient care, patient safety problems, patient dissatisfaction, and higher costs. The text focuses on clinical case management, interdisciplinary referrals and conferencing, cross functional team meetings, tracking patients in value-based purchasing programs, inpatient liaison visits, structured collaboration with physician groups, and referral sources and development of clinical community networking groups.

    What else makes this text unique?

    • Explores tools for patient self-management support, effective integration of technology, family caregiver engagement, and techniques for addressing health disparities and other high-risk care gaps
    • Blends conceptual information with practical tools and strategies for connecting care for patients by describing research and evidence-based techniques while translating them into actionable tools
    • Includes chapter objectives, review questions, explanations of key terms, case studies, self-assessments, scripts, trigger questions, and detailed descriptions of each tool and technique

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