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    An Interview with Dr. Kerri Schuiling

    Posted by Molly Gross on Jul 7, 2020 3:40:43 PM

    KerriSchuilingDr. Kerri D. Schuiling, PhD, NP-BC, CNM, FACNM, FAAN is currently serving as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Northern Michigan University and as co-editor of the International Journal of Childbirth.

    Dr. Schuiling is dually certified as a women’s health care nurse practitioner and nurse midwife and has been an advanced practice nurse and educator for more than 30 years. She has authored three editions of Gynecologic Health, with the anticipated Fourth Edition publishing this fall.

    Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL): How did you become interested in your area of specialty?

    Dr. Kerri Schuiling (KS): I have been involved in women's health care my entire career which now spans almost 50 years!


    JBL: Is there a particular person or event that motivated you?

    KS: The person who has had the most significant impact on my career is Kitty Ernst, CNM, MPH. Kitty was educated at the Frontier Nursing in KY. She has been a tireless advocate for women and children and still is at the age of 90.


    JBL: What has been the most influential or pivotal moment in your career?

    KS: Being that I have been in the profession for so many years I have to say I have had several pivotal moments; however, witnessing my first birth probably had the most profound impact on my career. The importance of that moment for the creation of a family cannot be understated. I also clearly understood the importance of healthy mother, healthy baby and family.


     JBL: What changes in your field excite you? Or what areas do you think need to be changed?

    KS: I think the (about time) recognition of respect for diversity and inclusion which spurs the importance and goals for health equity.


     JBL: Tell us how you motivate your students.

    KS: I have used media and personal stories about birth and the power of those who give birth.


    JBL: Have you recently been nominated for/received an award?

    KS: I recently received the Crain's Award for Women in Outstanding Leadership in Education


    JBL: Are you involved in any community or philanthropic projects you would like to share?

    KS: I am very active in the American College of Nurse-Midwives, particularly the Division of Research


    JBL: What advice do you have for today’s students?

    KS: Follow what excites you and believe you can do more than you think.

     Check out Gynecologic Health Care: With an Introduction to Prenatal and Postpartum Care, Fourth Edition, publishing this September.

    The Fourth Edition of Gynecologic Health Care: With an Introduction to Prenatal and Postpartum Care continues to set the standard for evidence-based gynecologic health care and well-being. As in prior editions, it presents gynecologic health care using a holistic and person-centered approach while encompassing both health promotion and management of gynecologic conditions. Written by award-winning clinicians and educators, the text covers the topics clinicians and students need to know. Additional chapters provide an overview of prenatal and postpartum care, including anatomic and physiologic adaptations of normal pregnancy and common complications of pregnancy. The Fourth Edition features three new chapters: Racism and Health Disparities, Male Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Preconception Care.

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