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    Midas Group Partnership Provides Affordable Interactive Training Solutions Worldwide

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Jun 4, 2012 3:55:41 PM

    CDX AutomotiveJones & Bartlett Learning has partnered with Midas Group’s Technica Online to develop world-class interactive automotive training solutions to practicing professionals, students, and training institutions worldwide. CDX Automotive, the leading online automotive training curriculum developed by Jones & Bartlett Learning, will form the core of more than 32 training courses offered through Technica Online.

    CDX Automotive’s courses are among the world’s most popular automotive training tools used by thousands of institutions to introduce students to the principles and applications of automotive technology in an innovative and practical manner. Midas Group will now market and distribute these courses at, Technica’s official website.

    According to Jones & Bartlett Learning President, James Homer,

    “The Technica offerings are the result of great synergy between Midas Group and CDX Automotive. Midas is focused on quality and innovation. They leverage technology where possible and believe education plays a major role for any organization that is committed to quality. CDX Automotive shares that belief and we continuously look to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products to deliver value to both learners and educators.”

    Technica courses will feature more than 1,000 instructional and refresher videos for a wide-range of abilities, from garage technicians to do-it-yourself enthusiasts. In addition, the online courses include complete task sheets, workshop procedure guides, and diagnostic activities that include a virtual DVOM meter. More than 60 interactive diagnostic assessment activities, hundreds of knowledge checks, and over 80 animations help to solidify diagnostic competencies. Each course provides a short group of 5-10 test questions that test recall and understanding of the content and a final summative exam, which when passed, confirms the module completion with a certificate.

    Midas Group Marketing & Franchise Director, Stefan le Roux said that,

    “We are excited by this partnership with Jones & Bartlett Learning, a company that for many years has recognized that education is key to the future of any organization and has invested in the development of quality education programs. In addition, by combining the vision and efforts of two companies like Midas Group and Jones & Bartlett Learning, the access to quality automotive education around the world is set to improve dramatically, helping to ensure the sustainability of our industry.”

    For more information on the online courses, visit Learn more about CDX Automotive at

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