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    10 Things You May Not Know About Tarascon

    Posted by Lindsay White on Feb 28, 2017 7:24:50 PM

    You know how invaluable the Tarascon Pharmacopoeia is, but do you know the Tarascon story?

    Here are 10 things you may not know about Tarascon:

    1. The Tarascon Series is named after the Tarascon castle in France where the original author was visiting when he decided to turn his “cheat sheet” of drug information into a published book.
    2. Every year we include a trivia question in the Classic and Deluxe books. The first 25 people who find it and respond with the correct answer get a prize.
    3. You can now find Tarascon Pharmacopoeia drug information in EvidenceCare's unique online decision support tool for providers
    4. Our editor-in-chief, Richard Hamilton, was the Centrifuge Medical Officer for the NASTAR Center during the training of a number of astronauts as well as the Virgin Galactic Founders.
    5. Tarascon was acquired by Jones and Bartlett Publishing in 2008.
    6. The same image has been featured on the print versions of the Pharmacopoeia for the past 31 years (The Apothecary, by Jost Amman, Frankfurt, 1574), although each year we choose a new color.
    7. You can find Tarascon books all over the world! Various pocketbooks have been translated into Spanish, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Romanian, and Turkish.
    8. There are over 3,000 drugs and over 1,200 drug interactions in the mobile version of the Pharmacopoeia.
    9. The mobile edition started out as a reference tool for PDAs. Now we have mobile apps that are updated weekly and separate apps based on several of our Pocketbooks.
    10. The Tarascon editorial team believes in giving back! We are proud to have donated money and/or books to Doctors Without Borders, hospitals, and clinics in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.


    Visit our website to learn more about us and to view our entire catalog of Tarascon titles.

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