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    Jones & Bartlett Learning with ToolWire Offer Online, Scenario-based, Immersive Learning Tool for Undergraduate Criminal Justice Courses

    Posted by Lindsay White on May 14, 2014 10:07:41 AM

    ep1.3Jones & Bartlett Learning partner with Toolwire  to offer Navigate Scenario: LearnScapes for Criminal Justice for undergraduate courses in criminal justice or law enforcement programs, including criminal law, criminal procedure, introduction to policing, and interviewing. Navigate Scenario: LearnScape for Criminal Justice is a scenario-based learning tool that immerses students in real-life situations to give them the opportunity to learn more about applying the amendments correctly in a contextualized, authentic environment. This "virtual internship" introduces course learning objectives in a way that is relevant, engaging, and promotes better learning outcomes. Through the use of photo-realistic environments, an interactive technology overlay, and a seamlessly integrated "natural assessment" infrastructure, Navigate Scenario: LearnScape for Criminal Justice "brings learning ep2.27to life".

    Navigate Scenario: LearnScape for Criminal Justice includes three sequential Episodes that each take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. Available via a web browser, students can access these modules anytime, anywhere and can replay them multiple times in order to master the material.

    Story Background
    The city has seen a rash of crime in the past two years. In an effort to convict more offenders, the police have emphasized limiting procedural mistakes. In this LearnScape, another crime has just been committed. You are the Sergeant in charge of two Patrol Officers who responded to the scene of this robbery. Have you mentored them well? Have they avoided mistakes during the preliminary criminal investigation and followed proper criminal procedure protocols? Can you help them learn from any mistakes they have made?

    Episode 1: Identificationep1.23
    It is up to you to train two rookie officers in correct criminal procedure. After watching footage of a recent attempted robbery, you will review how the officers handled the suspect ID - lineups, admonitions, and witness interviews. you will find their errors, give them feedback, and even create a sample Photo Linuep at their request.

    ep2.13Episode 2: Miranda
    Miranda rights aren't as straightforward as they seem on TV. After learning about all things Miranda from your Lieutenant, you watch footage of the officers "Mirandizing" the suspect. It's up to you to catch all their errors, regardless of how subtle they are. Being a good mentor also means responding to Miranda "what if" questions from the officers, because no two situations are alike, When it's time for your trainees to interrogate the suspect, you watch the live feed and cmment on their performance. Can they get the suspect to crack while keeping the statements admissible?

    Episode 3: Search and Exclusionary rulesep3.21
    It's one thing to seize evidence, it's another to make sure it's admissible in court. This episode is all about creating valid search warrants and executing them properly. Did your officers provide enough probable cause in the search warrant? Did they execute the search properly or will the evidence be inadmissible? Watching footage of their search, you give your trainees feedback and you cover all the scenarios that can occur during a search. At the end of the episode, you review the complete case with your officers and hope that they (and you!) have gained valuable experience on correct criminal procedure.

    Want to learn more about Navigate Scenario: LearnScapes for Criminal Justice? Download the informational flyer.


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