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    Introduction to Health Care Management - A Gold Standard

    Posted by Susanne Walker on Oct 21, 2020 9:05:00 AM

    Recently, Sophie Teague, the Product Manager for Health Administration at Jones & Bartlett Learning received great praise for Introduction to Health Care Management, Fourth Edition,  written by Sharon B. Buchbinder, RN, PhD; Nancy H. Shanks, PhD; and Bobbie J. Kite, MHS, PhD, from adjunct instructor, Tim Glennon. Here's what he had to say...

    "I've made the text central to the structure and process of the course; it serves as the source for course content, and its cases act as the springboard for discussion, both in writing on Blackboard, and in the virtual classroom, at our weekly Zoom sessions". 

    Sophie Teague (ST): What do you like most about Introduction to Health Care Management?

    Tim Glennon (TG): Writing this as a 45+ year veteran of working in healthcare management myself, I was most impressed by the comprehensive, timely, and relevant nature of the content. It's truly up-to-the-minute, including references to vitally important current topics such as #MeToo , diversity, and the challenges of Anti-Vaxxer/anti-science.  The writing style is scholarly and professional, and yet accessible at the same time it strikes just the right tone.  The reference lists at the end of each chapter are quite extensive, very valuable as springboards to further research, and to facilitate students readily being able to provide high-quality , peer-reviewed sources for citations in assignments.  1284156567-1

    ST: How do you think students will benefit from reading it?

    TG: My students are benefitting from the comprehensive survey of all important and timely healthcare management topics over 17 chapters. I emphasize writing, professional use of social media, and research in my classes, and the text is ideal as a source of outstanding high quality references and web sites, enabling them to readily "dive deeper" into every week's topic, and find substantive, high quality references to cite in their written work.  

    ST: What does Introduction to Health Care Management have that other texts are lacking?

    TG: The text enables a teacher new to teaching the course (as in my case) to just "plug and play" with PowerPoint slides for each chapter, practice review questions for the student after each chapter (this is unique to this text, so far in my experience), a test bank of questions for a Midterm and Final (in Blackboard format no less; this is also something that a previous text I've used, from Wiley, lacked -- it had a test bank, but the questions weren't Blackboard-compatible, so I needed to type them over into Blackboard myself in order to use them).

    Bottom line, I'm extremely "bullish" on this text, for its comprehensive content, its readability, its extensive reference lists of high-quality, current source material at the end of each chapter, and its many value-adds like PowerPoints, tests, and quizzes that make it very easy for both instructors and students new to the topic to immediately dive right in.  Introduction to Health Care Management by Buchbinder, Shanks, and Kite is now my "gold standard" against which I'll evaluate all other texts.


    TimGlennonTim Glennon, MBA, MSN, RN, Adjunct Instructor at the Chazanoff School of Business,College of Staten Island/CUNY is currently teaching The Business of Healthcare. 




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