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    Improving Student Outcomes with Technology Learning Solutions

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Nov 19, 2012 6:17:31 PM

    Enhanced technology learning tools hold great potential for improving basic learning outcomes including mastery of course content, completion rates, and time-to-degree. A recent study by Ithaka S+R concluded that hybrid courses using computer-based instruction in concert with face-to-face instruction showed comparable learning outcomes to traditional classroom-based instruction alone.

    About the Methodology

    Ithaka S+R arranged for six different public institutions to teach the same introductory statistics course to 605 students. In each, a control group was enrolled in a traditional classroom-based course, while a test group took a hybrid course using computer-based instruction in concert with one face-to-face meeting each week. Students were selected randomly for the two different groups.

    Effect of Hybrid Format on Student Learning OutcomesIthaka S+R concluded that the results of this study are “remarkable; they show comparable learning outcomes for this basic course, with a promise of cost savings and productivity gains.”


    Cost Savings and Productivity Over Time

    The Ithaka S+R study found that students in hybrid format courses spend approximately 25% less time on course work each week compared to students in traditional courses, and the same learning outcome could be achieved in less time. “Crude cost estimation models” suggest that delivering more instruction online could save between 19% and 57% of costs, with the exact number varying by the speci­fic implementation of the course format.

    Notably, the study also showed that technology learning solutions can increase student output and potential enrollment while keeping faculty numbers and space needs the same. If successful, the result will be higher productivity of teaching and learning.

    Improving Learning Outcomes with Navigate™ from Jones & Bartlett Learning

    Using enhanced technology tools to support the growing trend in online learning has the potential to increase student outcomes while improving retention.

    Growth in Online Courses — Post SecondaryDeveloped by Jones & Bartlett Learning, Navigate transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives, with student practice activities and assessments, adaptive study planning and remediation, and learning analytics reporting tools. Navigate empowers faculty and students with easy-to-use web-based curriculum solutions that optimize student success, identify retention risks, and improve completion rates. Using best practices in instructional design, Navigate uniquely focuses on developing students’ cognitive intelligence and practical skills needed for success in the 21st century workforce.

    • In a recent case study, 85% of students agreed that Navigate helped them understand the material more quickly.
    • An instructor using Navigate said that “having the preloaded content saved a tremendous amount of time, so I could answer more student questions and monitor students more effectively and efficiently.”

    PILOT STUDY: Navigate Public Health 101 at American University

    Navigate Public Health 101Recently, Jones & Bartlett Learning pilot-tested Navigate Public Health 101 in an undergraduate, introductory Public Health class. At the conclusion of the class, 20 students were asked to complete a survey that rated the courseware on several indicators: engagement with the class materials; time savings; learning outcomes; and overall product value.

    Engagement with Class Materials

    The pilot study showed that the online lectures, interactive exercises, assessments, and monitoring clearly engaged students in understanding the key concepts in Public Health.

    • 95% of the students liked that Navigate enabled them to monitor their own progress and felt an increased sense of engagement compared to a traditional textbook alone
    • 90% reported that the activities and practice exercises made learning more enjoyable than just a book alone

    “The matching activities and questions in between the lecture helped me understand the concept better. If I couldn’t understand the question or if I got it wrong then I would go back a few pages in the lecture.” —Student, American University

    Time Savings

    Most students agreed that Navigate helped them:

    • Understand the material more quickly than a textbook alone
    • Get through the printed text more quickly than using a textbook alone
    • Prepare for exams more efficiently

    For instructors, the time savings were significant with the majority saying that Navigate:

    • Helped them organize their teaching
    • Saved in preparation time
    • Helped them monitor their students’ progress more effectively
    • Helped their students study more effectively
    • Saved them time which they could use to improve their instruction

    Learning Outcomes
    Most students reported having a better understanding of the material (95%) and a better grade in class (85%) as a result of using Navigate Public Health 101.

    “…having the preloaded material saved a tremendous amount of time that I would’ve otherwise spent, so I could answer more student questions and monitor questions more effectively and efficiently.” —Brenda Kirkwood, Associate Professor, American University

    Both students and instructors agreed that the robust features of Navigate helped them learn or improve their understanding of the material.


    “The activities are useful in showing me what aspects of a chapter I had more difficulty understanding.” —Student, American University

    Overall Value

    Overall Value
    Improving learning outcomes while reducing the cost of delivery continues to be paramount for most higher education institutions. To find out more on how Jones & Bartlett Learning can help, visit our Navigate website.

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