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    The Age Old Question – 'How to Engage Students in an Online Course?'

    Posted by Rachel Ellison on Feb 22, 2020 5:54:41 PM

    I teach in a fully online program so it's important to motivate my students early on. One thing that I find effective is to start the semester out with something personal and fun, not necessarily course related. I'll ask them to post a picture that describes them or their dream vacation destination, etc. It breaks the ice in a way where it makes the course less tense and stressful the first week rather than jumping right into the content. This simple activity seems to break the ice and motivates students to do well and participate right from the beginning.

    Rachel Ellison (2) "Keeping the lines of communication open is a great engagement tool. If you stay engaged with them, they will stay engaged in the course."

    Motivating students throughout the semester can be a daunting task but I try to find time to check-in with the students individually through email. This can be challenging for larger class sizes, however, at my University, our online classes are manageable, so it allows me to have a great relationship with my students.

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