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    Teaching About Violence in Healthcare Settings

    Posted by sharonb on Feb 3, 2014 12:00:28 AM

    Almost daily, it seems the media is filled with reports of violence, so much so that we almost become numb to them. An active shooter in a popular mall. A disgruntled employee returns to his former place of employment armed to kill. A student with mental health problems murders a favorite teacher, a classroom full of students, or goes on a campus rampage. However, when violence hits in healthcare settings, we are shocked and ask, How did this happen? These institutions, these sacred places, are supposed to serve and care for our loved ones. Yet in many instances they cannot protect our loved ones because of the nature of the settings themselves. As the incidence of violence rises, we are doing a disservice to our students by not talking about this elephant in the room, violence in health care settings. The purpose of this blog is to provide a brief overview of violence in healthcare settings, raise your awareness of this phenomenon, and encourage faculty to include it in their courses and curriculum.

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