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    Infectious Leadership

    Posted by admin on Nov 23, 2009 10:13:17 AM

    Not too long ago I visited a local community hospital. The hallways were lined with photographs of award-winning employees. Beneath each photo was the story of why he or she received the award.  One was a nurse who stopped by a patient’s home after work just to see how the patient was doing. Another was an aide who detoured many miles out of his way home to drop off medications for another patient.  Yet another was an LPN who helped to comfort a terminally ill patient as she lay dying. It is well known that one of the best ways to motivate employees is to catch them doing the right thing--and recognizing and rewarding them. But this example is the only one that has ever moved me to tears. The CEO of this hospital is relentlessly optimistic and enthusiastic.  Employees have high satisfaction scores--and the patient satisfaction scores are correspondingly high.  Is there a relationship between the CEO’s mood and the employees’ satisfaction levels? You bet there is.

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    Sense, Sensibility And Civility

    Posted by admin on Oct 13, 2009 11:19:34 AM

    Many years ago when I worked as an IV therapist, I was frequently assigned to draw blood or restart IVs on patients in the ICU, CCU, Burn Unit, Pediatric ICU, or the Neonatal Unit. Patients in these areas were often unable to speak, unconscious, or comatose.  Despite their inability to respond verbally to my presence and my invasion of their body with needles, I was trained to treat every person as if they were alert and able to understand what I was saying. It was the courteous thing to do.

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    Do You Want To Help Other People, Get A Job And Make Money?

    Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2009 11:25:59 AM

    When I was in training to become an IV therapist, I testified in a hospital hearing against a class mate who took me home for dinner and showed me drawers full of pills, needles and syringes she stole from the hospital. She was expelled from the program, but no criminal charges were filed. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested for palming physician prescription pads and writing prescriptions for controlled substances. Later as an employee at a large (over 1,000 beds) teaching hospital, I witnessed the arrests of two of my co-workers: one for diverting drugs and paraphernalia for street sale; the other for taking injectable painkillers, using them for herself, and substituting saline for the patients’ medications. Medications are better controlled now with inventory management, locked drawers sent down with blister-packed medications, bar coding and magnetic card access. However, a clever thief can find ways around almost any control system.

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    No Laughing Matter

    Posted by admin on Sep 17, 2009 11:26:40 AM

    In 1979 Norman Cousins published his memoir, Anatomy of an Illness: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration (Cousins, 1979). In this bestselling book, he recounted in great detail his experience with and battles against the painful, progressively disabling inflammatory condition of ankylosing spondylitis. In spite of all available treatments at the time, the disease did not relent until he (under medical supervision) took massive doses of Vitamin C and began an intensive course of laughter therapy. What he reported astonished the world: “ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep” (Cousins, 1979, p. 39). This anecdotal report of the effect of laughter in one (influential) person served as an impetus to decades of serious research on humor, mirth, and laughter.

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    Can We Tame Wicked Problems In Health Care?

    Posted by admin on Sep 9, 2009 11:30:34 AM

    One of the things that the maelstrom of controversy over healthcare reform has underscored, yet again, is that there are no easy buttons in health care. Many scholars and pundits have weighed in on this issue with the pros and cons of why we should or should not change how we finance and deliver health care in this country. I won’t be adding to that discussion. I will, however, pose a different question:  Can we tame wicked problems in health care?

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    An Interview with Darwin Labarthe, Expert in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

    Posted by admin on Jul 1, 2009 1:13:02 PM

    Darwin R. Labarthe, author of the forthcoming new edition of Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Global Challenge, spoke with

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