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    Improving Patient Communication in Pharmacy

    Posted by Alianna Ortu on Apr 10, 2017 10:00:33 AM

    Communication is a vital part of any patient-provider relationship. Not unlike doctors and nurses, pharmacists also need to be able to effectively communicate with their patients. Patient Communication for Pharmacy: A Case-Study Approach on Theory and Practice is a practical guide that develops readers’ understanding of the unique communication dynamics between pharmacists and patients and assists them in strengthening the communication skills necessary for providing optimal patient outcomes.

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    Pharmacy Technician Education

    Posted by Alianna Ortu on Apr 7, 2017 9:00:02 AM

    In today's health care environment, more and more is being asked of the pharmacy technician. As such, standards and qualifications for entry-level practice have come into question. In an effort to reach a consensus on these standards, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) brought together professionals and educators for the Pharmacy Technician Stakeholder Consensus Conference in February. Recognizing the need for consistent, quality standards of practice, these leaders came together to make their recommendations to PTCB.

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    Review: Patient Communication for Pharmacy is "a wonderful addition to pharmacy education"

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Feb 22, 2016 11:47:15 AM

    The rave reviews have begun for Patient Communication for Pharmacy: A Case-Study Approach on Theory and Practice by Min Liu and Lakesha M. Butler. It just received five stars and a perfect score of 100 from Doody’s Review Service.

    According to Jennifer L. Colon, PharmD, MS, MBA, from Temple University School of Pharmacy, writing for Doody's Review Service, it is,

    “…a wonderful addition to pharmacy education. So little time is spent ensuring students move into the profession with appropriate communication skills. This is a unique, much needed entry in the field."

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    Celebrate National Pharmacy Technician Day

    Posted by charlottes on Oct 19, 2015 10:52:26 AM

    October 20th is National Pharmacy Technician Day. This day recognizes technicians for their support and contributions throughout the year.  This annual event is endorsed by the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT) and the Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC).

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    October is American Pharmacists Month!

    Posted by charlottes on Oct 11, 2015 2:27:13 PM

    The goal of American Pharmacists Month (APhM) is to promote the pharmacy profession as medication experts. This event aims to educate the public and policy makers about the role pharmacists play in the reduction of overall health care costs and the safe and effective management of medications.

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    New Instructor Resources & Case Studies for Pharmacogentics, Kinetics, and Dynamics for Personalized Medicine

    Posted by charlottes on Sep 29, 2015 2:46:39 PM


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    AACP Most Requested Titles

    Posted by charlottes on Jul 28, 2015 11:47:05 AM

    Thank you for the great response at our booth during the AACP conference. If you missed it, these are our top requested titles from the conference.

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    Oregon passes pharmacist provider status law

    Posted by charlottes on Jun 26, 2015 9:20:23 AM

    After four years, Oregon State Governor, Kate Brown, passed HB 2028—permitting insurance carriers to add pharmacists to its network of providers and expand collaborative drug therapy management.

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    Massachusetts Bill HB 2041 Would Recognize Pharmacists as Health Care Providers

    Posted by charlottes on May 7, 2015 3:15:55 PM

    According to the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association, bill HB 2041 would recognize pharmacists as health care providers. On April 9, pharmacists and pharmacy students gathered in Boston to advocate for HB 2041.

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    Topics: allied health, Colleen Doherty Lauster, Pharmacy, HB 2041, Massachusetts Pharmacists Association, MassHealth, Yolanda M. Hardy, Jason C. Gallagher

    Pharmaceutical Calculations Review!

    Posted by charlottes on Nov 18, 2014 9:33:44 AM

    Pharmaceutical Calculations by Payal Agarwal received an excellent review from Doody’s Review Service. According to reviewer, Neela A. Bhajandas, PharmD, is “A needed, easy-to-understand resource for pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy residents, as well as pharmacists who need a refresher when doing pharmaceutical calculations in different clinical situations or involving special populations. It can also be used by students pursuing their master's or PhD in pharmaceutics. The contributing authors are well-qualified specialists in their respective fields."

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