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    The Syllabus: The Program Building Block

    Posted by sharonb on Nov 8, 2015 10:56:01 AM

    As undergraduate and graduate healthcare management education programs move to a competency based framework for curricula, one of a program’s hurdles is assessment of student achievement of those competencies. The basis for this assessment begins in the very building block of our curricula, the syllabus, which many faculty (and some lawyers) call “our contract with the student.” To that end our syllabi should be specific to the course topic, but also address the rest of the program and how this particular course fits into the bigger picture of the competency framework.

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    What is This Thing Called Competency Based Education?

    Posted by sharonb on Oct 5, 2015 1:00:24 AM

    The buzz in health care management education is all competencies, all the time. Your program, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, must be anchored in a competency based framework. The framework selected must be based on your program’s mission, vision, and values, your target students and the outcomes, i.e., where do you expect these students to go. Every meeting you attend will touch upon competencies and the dreaded assessments. Some may ask, “Why the big push?” Others may say, “What was wrong with the old fashioned way?”

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