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    Review: Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move More “is one all professors should consider adopting”

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Nov 3, 2014 4:53:31 PM

    Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move MoreThe Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior recently published a rave review on Nutrition Decisions: Eat Smart, Move More by Carolyn Dunn. According to the review, "there are a number of textbooks available for basic nutrition courses, but this resource is one all professors should consider adopting. From cover to cover, it engages students and gives them the tools to critically analyze their own nutrition as well as many claims made in the media."

    Read more excerpts from the review:

    "...this text has the basic science components to underpin students' learning and has the components to engage students in critically assessing the subject matter. Each chapter has a Myth vs Fact section that helps dispel popular legends about the chapter topic. Dunn also understands how difficult it is for anyone to make changes in diet and/or personal health, so she has Ready to Make a Change segments that addresses how a person can take the first steps to eating better and becoming more physically active.

    For those who want to engage students in relating nutrition and health to larger policy issues or engage discussion about controversial topics, this text is very appropriate. How Policy and Environment Affect My Choices allows students to understand the influences on each component of the food system, from farm to fork. Yet, this reviewer thinks the most useful component of this text, as a professor, would be the Which Side Are You On? segments of each chapter. These segments could be used to fuel rich discussion in the classroom, allowing students to explore both sides of often highly debated topics.

    As the reviewer was reading this review, she found herself envisioning how to adopt this text, including its online components, and use it within her own course. She cannot remember when she has found a textbook such an enjoyable read. This text will allow professors to take a basic nutrition lecture-based course to an engaged lifelong learning experience for students."

    Would you like to learn more? Preview a sample chapter now or visit our website.

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