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    Navigate Respiratory Care Proven Beneficial to Student Learning Success

    Posted by Katie Hennessy on Mar 7, 2014 12:26:39 PM

    Recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education asked leading education technology experts for their insights on the year ahead. Overwhelmingly, the experts agreed that thoughtfully developed online education tools will continue to attract industry-wide interest. Phill Hill, an Education Technology Expert, told the Chronicle that,

    “It is becoming more apparent that online and hybrid education work when the courses are deliberately designed. In 2014 we will see more real-world examples of effective course redesign focused on learners.”

    One such solution is our Navigate Respiratory Care Curriculum, a 10-Course Curriculum that uniquely prepares students for a rewarding career as respiratory therapists. Last fall, we conducted a pilot study for Navigate Respiratory Care. Midlands Technical College was the first to pilot three Navigate Respiratory Care courses:

    27 students participated in the pilot and provided their feedback about these courses. Overwhelmingly, they agreed that Navigate Respiratory Care was beneficial to their learning success:

    • 96% agreed that it helped them study and prepared them for exams more efficiently
    • 93% agreed that it prepared them well for their graded assignments
    • 92% agreed that it helped them identify their strengths and weaknesses
    • 81% agreed that it prepared them well for their day-to-day coursework

    RChelpfulchartRead what participating students said:

    “I feel that [Navigate Respiratory Care] helped me expand my knowledge base and reinforced what I had already learned.”

    “[Navigate Respiratory Care] is some type of reinforcement. [It] saves you hours of reading through books and notes.”

    “[Navigate Respiratory Care] was very easy to navigate. I thought that the practice tests were very helpful.”

    rccardioStudents found the Cardiovascular Module particularly helpful. Read their feedback:

    “[Navigate Respiratory Care] was a helpful learning tool because it would show pictures to help explain different topics.”

    “The Cardiovascular Module helped me a lot with the heart flows in different defects.”

    “The Cardiovascular Module was very helpful.”


    • Experts agree that complete online curriculum solutions will become even more important to instructors and students in 2014
    • Student pilot study for Navigate Respiratory Care showed that 92% of participating students found it helpful to their learning
    • 96% of students agreed that Navigate Respiratory Care helped them prepare for exams more efficiently

    For more information on Navigate Respiratory Care, including all 10 courses, and to request a demo, visit our website.


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