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    New Anatomy and Physiology Study Tool For Allied Health Students

    Posted by Suzy Balk on Jul 1, 2019 11:44:12 AM
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    For allied health students, anatomy and physiology is a core subject. In order to be successful in their future careers as health professionals, students must be able to understand the structures and functions of the body. However, students struggle with this complex course, each year searching for resources and study tools to increase their chances for success. The plan for the Anatomy & Physiology Review Module originated after hearing this need echoed by both students and instructors.

    The A&P Review Module is an interactive study tool that allied health students can use to toggle between body system (muscular, skeletal, circulatory, and nervous), gender, and life stage (adult and infant) to quiz themselves on current knowledge or study with interactive definitions. What’s more, students can view 3D animations and real recorded audio of the heart and lung with the Heart & Lung Sounds Module.

    The Review Module is comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use. It lets students see the larger picture of anatomy and physiology while also allowing them to drill down in areas where they want to focus. Outside of an anatomy and physiology course, students can use the A&P Review Module as a reference for other core curriculum such as medical terminology, human disease, and respiratory care.

    While the A&P Review Module can accompany any course, instructors should note that A&P Review Module is included as a part of the Navigate 2 in the following products:

    Interested in learning more about the Anatomy & Physiology Review Module? Click the button below to request a free trial. 


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