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    8 Reasons to Speak Medical Terminology [Infographic]

    Posted by Suzy Balk on Sep 24, 2019 8:43:45 AM

    The medical terminology course is designed to introduce medical vocabulary and terms to students who are beginning their career in in allied health, nursing, and medical fields. 

    According to a Medical Terminology course:

    "...Explores the root words, suffixes and prefixes of the vocabulary used in medical offices, hospitals and other health settings. Students review the nervous, skeletal, cardiovascular, muscle and other major systems of the human body, and they discuss terms related to physiology, anatomy and pathological conditions. Students learn to spell, define and pronounce common medical terms."

    The intricacies and mechanics of medical terminology are what make this course challenging for undergraduate students. Nevertheless, having a foundation in medical terminology is paramount for future success. In Stanfield's Essential Medical Terminology, Fifth Edition author Nanna Cross starts her first lesson by identifying eight reasons why learning medical terminology is valuable to healthcare professionals. Check out the inspiring and educational infographic below or download a copy here.

    8 Reasons to Speak Medical Terminology Infographic

    Stanfield's Essential Medical Terminology

    Stanfield’s Essential Medical Terminology, Fifth Edition is a user-friendly text designed to aid students in mastering the medical vocabulary and terms they will encounter in allied health, nursing, and medical careers. The terms have been selected on the basis of their utility, practical value, and application to the real world of the healthcare work environment. The Fifth Edition is concise yet thorough, thematically unified, easy to read, beautifully illustrated, and fully supplemented with supporting material to assure mastery of the material. 

    Key Features: 
    • Clinical Notes designed to assist the student in applying chapter lessons to real world examples by showing how medical terms and abbreviations are used in patient health records
    • Confusing Medical Terms boxes compare and define similar sounding terms
    • Pharmacology and Medical Terminology boxes relate medical terminology to drugs and their classification, function, and active ingredients
    • Allied Health Professions boxes list specialties and specialists
    • A wealth of full-color photographs and illustrations showing common clinical disorders and associated anatomy

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