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    New Review: Introduction to Global Health

    Posted by Tory Jones on Apr 17, 2014 2:42:28 PM

    1449688349An exciting new review on Olive Branch United by Ben Wolinsky has credited Introduction to Global Health, Second Edition as the best place to start your education in global health.

    "[Introduction to Global Health] doesn’t give you endless statistics about health, but gives you the skills you need to study it on your own. You’ll learn how to collect and measure data, compare health to population size, examine bias in research, and examine health with regard to ethnicity, occupation, and gender.

    When you study health you must keep in mind all of the factors you’d learn in social studies, and that includes economy, religion, occupations, life expectancy, population growth, education, gender, equality, stability, war, famine, disease, agriculture, and so on. Introduction to Global Health is the best place to start with regard to this. It gives you just the right skill to get started in your research."

    Introduction to Global Health gives you the most comprehensive look at today's critical global health issues. Completely updated and revised, the Second Edition offers expanded coverage of health across the lifespan, from childhood to young adulthood to aging (with additional coverage of NCDs, injuries, and mental health issues), as well as new content on health issues during humanitarian crises and health issues related to human rights.

    Read the full review here, or find out for yourself how excellent this resource is by previewing a sample chapter, or visiting our website.

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