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    Elder Crimes, Elder Justice is a Must-Have Resource for Law Enforcement Officers

    Posted by Lindsay White on Oct 4, 2012 11:57:05 AM

    • Between one to two million vulnerable adults are abused or neglected in our country every year.
    • For every report of abuse of an older adult or an adult with a disability five reports are not made.  Many people are living out their golden years in fear.
    • While residents of  long-term care facilities (research shows up to 36%) may be victims of abuse or neglect, most older adults live in their own homes and, therefore, most elder abuse occurs in the community, by people known to the vulnerable adult.  The vast majority is perpetrated by family members.

    The recently published Elder Crimes, Elder Justice, by David R. Snyder, addresses all of the special needs of older people and gives the law enforcement officer the confidence that is needed to understand the aging process, communicate effectively with older people, understand the fears of older people, develop effective crime prevention strategies, and respond effectively to the older perpetrator.

    The proportion of the aged in society today is greater than ever before and growing faster than any other segment of the population. Law enforcement officers are increasingly called upon to manage the needs of the older population they serve. This book offers insights into the special considerations of the growing elderly population and teaches how to handle day-to-day interactions astutely and empathetically, resulting in a positive outcome for the law enforcement official, for the older person, and for the community.

    About the author:
    Mr. Snyder has been involved in emergency medical services for thirty years, and currently holds the rank of EMS Lieutenant with the Baltimore County Fire Department. He has a master’s degree in gerontology from Towson University and is co-editor of Geriatric Emergency Medical Services (Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2003).

    Learn more about Elder Crimes, Elder Justice.

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