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    10 Reasons to Adopt Criminalistics by Jim Girard

    Posted by Lindsay White on May 16, 2018 10:09:36 AM

    The Standard in Forensic Science Fundamentals

    Criminalistics continues to set the standard for modern forensic methods and investigative techniques in a new, updated fourth edition. Beginning at the crime scene and proceeding to the forensic laboratory, the text walks the reader through the entire forensic investigation.

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    10 Reasons to Adopt Violent Offenders, Third Edition by Matt DeLisi and Peter Conis

    Posted by Lindsay White on Feb 23, 2018 4:27:33 PM

    Now in an updated third edition, Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice continues to lead with cutting-edge material on all types of violent offenders, including gangs, serial killers, sex offenders, career criminals, and conventional street criminals. The Third Edition also features six new chapters on current highly-debated topics including violent juvenile offenders, sexual offenders as well as sex offending policy and practice, and more thought-provoking discussions.

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    Topics: Criminal Justice, 10 Reasons