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    Verizon Commercial Urges Parents to Encourage Their Daughters’ Interest in Science & Technology

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Jul 21, 2014 12:32:47 PM

    A new Verizon Wireless ad released last month titled “Inspire Her Mind” provides a theory as to why many women often grow up with little interest in science and technology. The ad suggests that many girls are raised with a focus on their looks over their minds. Rather than telling them that they’re pretty, the ad argues we should be encouraging them to believe they’re “pretty brilliant” instead.

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    New Report Shows Computer Science Graduates Earning Top Salaries

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Jun 26, 2014 1:36:33 PM

    Every year, PayScale, an online salary, benefits, and compensation information company, releases a College Salary Report with the median starting pay and median mid-career pay for the alumni from more than 1,000 schools. In the 2013-2014 report, engineering, math, science and technology fields dominated the list.

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    Topics: Computer Science, higher education, College Salary Report, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems, PayScale, Software Engineering, University of California- Berkeley

    Technology Shift Continues for High School Graduates

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Jun 19, 2014 11:17:24 AM

    High school seniors are increasingly opting to pursue STEM studies after graduation. According to The Boston Globe, in Medfield, Massachusetts, just south of Boston, 27 percent of seniors this year have chosen to study computer science, mathematics, engineering, or science in college, up from 19 percent in 2007. In fact, the number of Medfield seniors declaring majors in these fields has now exceeded the traditionally popular business majors.

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    Finding the Key to Closing the Computer Science Gender Gap

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Jun 9, 2014 12:53:40 PM

    Did you know that last year, only 18.5 percent of AP Computer Science test takers were girls, while a mere 0.4 percent of females entering college intended to major in computer science. The gender gap in computer science education and careers has always existed, but now there’s a nationwide push to introduce computer science to children at a younger age and expand the interest levels of girls.

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    Discover Navigate 2! Demo Course Available for Nell Dale's Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Comprehensive Sixth Edition

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Apr 11, 2014 10:42:53 AM

    Navigate 2 is arriving– and now you can try it! We’ve just released a course demo for Advantage Access Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Comprehensive, Sixth Edition. Inside the demo you’ll see a full interactive eBook of Programming and Problem Solving with C++, interactive Flashcards, chapter quizzes, midterm, final, and A Laboratory Course in C++, Sixth Edition.

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    Topics: Computer Science, Nell Dale, Navigate, forthcoming, C++, Demo, Programming, Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Coming Soon

    Authors and Attendees Join Us at the 2014 SIGCSE Symposium

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Mar 18, 2014 9:52:03 AM

    At the 2014 ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Symposium in Atlanta, GA, we displayed dozens of leading titles for Computer Science education, including Linda Null and Julia Lobur’s just published The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture, Fourth Edition. More than 1,300 instructors, students, and professionals from all over the world visited our booth to get an inside peak at our biggest Computer Science titles.

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    Topics: Caherine Ricardo, Computer Science, Linda Null, New Edition, Atlanta, Author, Herve Franceschi, Introduction to Computer Science, Julia Lobur, Richard Detmer, SIGCSE, Stan Warford

    Happy Computer Science Education Week!

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Dec 9, 2013 10:28:36 AM

    Join us in celebrating the fourth annual Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) December 9-15, 2013.

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    Affordable Colleges Online Lists Best Colleges for Computer Science Majors

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Oct 9, 2013 2:37:46 PM

    Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) just released their list of the 2013 top colleges for Computer Science majors. According to ACO, “computer science programs at top schools offer tremendous breadth and depth – a wide range of course options with the ability to study at the professional level.” In addition, with tuition and fees rising, many students are considering what programs have the highest return on investment (ROI). For their methodology, ACO used:

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    Topics: Computer Science, Introduction to Computer Science, Affordable Colleges Online, Dartomuth College, Stanford University, Top Computer Science Schools, University of California- Berkeley, University of California- Santa Cruz, University of Pennsylvania

    ACM Partners with to Expand Computer Science Education

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Aug 21, 2013 12:14:33 PM

    The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) recently announced a partnership with to expand computer science education in K-12 education. The goal of this partnership is to provide every K-12 student with exposure as a “rigorous discipline that includes some serious exposure to programming, systems, languages, and computer architecture.”
    ACM President Vinton Cerf said, “Reforming K–12 education to incorporate serious computer science seems vital to producing an informed public that has a deeper appreciation for the power of computing than video games and social networking.” Cerf also stated that an education in computer science would better prepare students for one of the projected 1.5 million job openings in computing-related fields over the next 10 years.

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    Utah Educators and Parents Urge Board of Education to Boost Students’ Exposure to Computer Science

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Jul 30, 2013 2:52:02 PM

    According to a recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah’s public school system doesn’t prepare its students adequately for their future jobs and careers. In fact, they currently only ask that graduates prove they have basic office skills to create a document, build spreadsheets, and organize files.

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