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    Top Ten Reasons to Adopt the New Edition of C++ Plus Data Structures

    Posted by amyl on Sep 13, 2016 10:25:23 AM

    C++ Plus Data Structures, Sixth Edition explores the specifications, applications, and implementations of abstract data types with unmatched accessibility.

    There are countless reasons to adopt the new sixth edition, but we've broken down the Top Ten Reasons:

    1. Features the Latest Software – updated with the new C++ Plus 11 features including range-based for loops and threads

    2. Current Content – Includes a new chapter on Sets, Maps, and Hashing as well as a new chapter on Trees Plus that emphasizes balancing of search trees by covering AVL Trees, Red-Black Trees, and B-Trees

    3. Unparalleled Accessibility – throughout the text, the authors distinguish between the engineering of abstractions and implementations as motivated by their applications, and they take the time to analyze the algorithms that they introduce

    4. New Modern Design – for an enhanced look and feel of the text

    5. Consistent Learning Reinforcement - emphasizes important software engineering principles throughout the text

    6. Flexible Course Adaptation – chapters in the second half of the text are now easier to assign in alternate orders, supporting a wider range of course goals and organizations

    7. Abundance of Pedagogical Features – students love the chapter openers with goals, marginal definition boxes, algorithm, C++ and function boxes, case studies, chapters summaries, and end of chapter exercises

    8. Well-Known Author Team – Chip Weems (University of MA, Amherst) and Tim Richards (University of MA, Amherst) have come on board to carry forward the tradition of excellence started by Nell Dale (University of TX, Austin)

    9. Navigate eBook Access – study anytime, anywhere, with full interactivity!

    10. Navigate 2 Advantage Access – comes FREE with purchase of a new print copy and unlocks engaging and robust student and instructor resources

    Request Your Review Copy Here!

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