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    Top Schools for Computer Science Majors

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Apr 24, 2013 12:38:02 PM

    According to ProfitBricks, a cloud computing company that provides high-end infrastructure as a service for companies and IT professionals, computer science education is the fastest-growing major among universities and colleges across the United States. ProfitBricks compiled a list of the top 100 schools for Computer Science based on rankings from U.S. News, College Crunch, Super Scholar, and other similar resources. Here are the top 5:

    1. Carnegie Mellon University
      School of Computer Science
      Pittsburgh, PA
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, within the School of Engineering
      Cambridge, MA
    3. Stanford University
      Stanford Computer Science Department
      Stanford, CA
    4. Georgia Institute of Technology
      College of Computing
      Atlanta, GA
    5. Duke University
      Department of Computer Science
      Durham, NC

    Rounding out the top ten include George Mason University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California—Berkeley, Columbia University, and Harvard University.

    Additionally, every year The University of Michigan’s Engineering Career Resource Center releases a report summarizing career outlooks in the Science and Engineering fields. The report contains information on post-graduation activities of December 2011 – August 2012 graduates and hiring activity for the College of Engineering Internship and Cooperative Education Program. It summarizes multiple fields, including the top three most sought-after majors in terms of recruitment, highest median salaries, and top hiring companies. View the report to learn more about all of the results.

    With computer science education offering such promising career prospects, Jones & Bartlett Learning provides a wide selection of computer science texts that improve learning outcomes and provide career readiness. For more information or to view our Computer Science texts, visit

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