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    It’s Computer Science Education Week

    Posted by Cassie Peterson on Dec 18, 2012 8:44:10 AM

    The third annual Computer Science Education Week 2012 (CSEdWeek) is celebrated this week, December 9-15, 2012. First endorsed in 2010 by Congressmen Vernon Ehlers and Jared Polis, CSEdWeek is observed every year during the week of Grace Hopper’s birthday (born December 6, 1906), a pioneer in computer science.

    Computer Science Education Week celebrates both the crucial role of computing in today’s society and the need to increase Computer Science education at all levels. The US Department of Labor projects that in the next 10 years, more than 1.5 million high-wage jobs in the technology sector will be created in the U.S. economy, with five of the top ten fastest-growing jobs expected in computing-related fields. Since Computer Science is generally overlooked in K-12 education, CSEdWeek seeks to raise awareness about the increasing importance to give students the fundamental computer science knowledge and skills they need for 21st century careers. Our society has become so intertwined with technology that students can no longer be disconnected from it.

    Computer Science covers computing, computer engineering, informatics, information technology, software engineering, and information systems. Recognized or not, computer science is involved in everyone’s daily lives, and plays a crucial role in society. It drives innovation and economic growth, and provides rewarding job opportunities. CSEdWeek strives to prepare students to approach the world’s most challenging problems from a computation perspective.

    Jones & Bartlett Learning recognizes the critical role of Computer Science in education, and offers new and trusted resources for the study, instruction, and practice of Computer Science. From introductory computer science, to programming, information security, and game development, we provide instructors and professionals with superior texts and quality resources developed by respected authors and educators. At Jones & Bartlett Learning, we are committed to providing industry-leading educational solutions for superior student learning outcomes.

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