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    Computer Science and Digital Arts: A Multimedia Approach

    Posted by Lindsay White on Jul 30, 2012 1:31:55 PM

    California Institute of the Arts in Valencia CA, is combining computer science with digital arts.  The art school will offer a two-semester digital arts program to their undergraduates starting this fall. The institute's associate dean of research and development in digital arts, Ajay Kapur, understands the importance of providing students with basic programming skills,

    Mr. Kapur said that computer-science skills would help students in a wide variety of professions, and noted that artists are increasingly incorporating technology into their work. “Computer science is like English—you just need it for the digital arts,” Mr. Kapur said.

    The National Science Foundation is funding the program by offering CalArts a $112,000 grant. Students participating in the new program will focus on music for the first semester and visual art through programming for the second semester.

    The long-term goal is to incorporate computer science programming into all art schools, not simply CalArts.

    The mutlimedia approach that CalArts is incorporating into their new program is a growing trend within art and computer science programs throughout higher education. Professors and schools are engaging students in computer programming by assigning projects that are relevant to the interests of today's students, such as drawing graphics on photographs, creating animations, games, and GUIs.

    The recently published Programming with Java: A Multimedia Approach introduces students with little to no programming experience to programming with Java. The book uses multimedia-based programs as a means of instruction to teach students how to write programs that draw graphics and images, perform animation, read and play audio files, display video, and more.

    Learn more about Programming with Java: A Multimedia Approach.

    Read the full article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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