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    Customizing Your Computer Science Curriculum Content is Now Easier Than Ever with Jones & Bartlett Learning PUBLISH

    Posted by admin on May 14, 2012 12:46:47 PM

    Perhaps you are covering JavaScript in your introduction to computer science course but you do not need an entire textbook. Or maybe you want to include a lesson on cyberethics in your information security course. The bottom line is, you know the material you want to teach, so why not customize the content to meet your exact curriculum needs?

    PUBLISH is the easiest way for instructors and other curriculum developers to build customized course materials to fit their exact curriculum needs. Using a simple, easy-to-navigate web-based interface, instructors quickly search and select content from the Jones & Bartlett Learning content library. After selecting a range of content, PUBLISH lets instructors arrange chapters in any order, upload and include their own material, and customize a full color cover. Once the PUBLISH project is complete, instructors simply preview their custom content, review the instant price quote, and submit the order online. Jones & Bartlett Learning will do the rest.

    Contact your Account Specialist to learn how you can customize any of these titles.
    Don't see one you need? No problem, just request it with your Account Specialist!

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