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    10 Reasons to Adopt Earth's Evolving Systems

    Posted by Lindsay White on Mar 8, 2017 12:15:37 PM

    Capturing the dynamism of our planet’s fascinating history, Earth’s Evolving Systems: The History of Planet Earth, Second Edition provides the bedrock to understanding this exciting science.

    Here are 10 reasons to adopt this book:

    1. PRICE and VALUE—By far the best and most affordable geology textbook on the market
    2. High quality art and imagesOver 300 NEW and REVISED images and illustrations that unlock complex topics and geological processes
    3. Unique and innovative approach—Employs a systems perspective to discuss how Earth's major systems, plate tectonics, and life have interacted with each other and evolved through geologic time
    4. A major theme is the method of multiple working hypotheses and debates, offering a broad perspective to the covered topics.
    5. Each chapter begins with a list of Major Concepts and Questions Addressed in This Chapter. The new interior text design uses icons to indicate where each of these Major Concepts are addressed within the chapter to help students study.
    6. Each chapter ends with basic Review Questions and more challenging Food for Thought questions, which go beyond the basic information of the chapter and stimulate students to think about what they have learned in a broader context.
    7. Feature Boxes—Many chapters contain boxes providing greater depth on special topics to further pique students' interest in Earth's history
    8. Concept and Reasoning Checks sprinkled throughout every chapter encourage students to pause and assess their grasp of the material.
    9. Navigate 2 eBook access—study anytime, anywhere, with full interactivity!
    10. Navigate 2 Advantage access comes FREE with purchase of a new print copy and unlocks engaging and robust student and instructor resources.

    Visit our site to learn more about this updated Second Edition.

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