Celebrate Today’s EMS—and Prepare for the EMS of Tomorrow!

National EMS Week is May 18-24. This is OUR week to celebrate and honor the life-saving service our EMS practitioners provide their patients on a daily basis and the important role of EMS in our nation’s preparedness strategy and response to disasters.

This year’s celebration also provides an excellent opportunity to help our local government officials, other health care providers in our communities, and the public at large understand the important role of EMS in our changing healthcare system. New opportunities are emerging within our profession. EMS is very well positioned to help our communities improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Learn about these changes and how to prepare yourself, your agency and your community.

This year’s EMS Week Ideas Site http://www.emsweekideas.org/ has been designed to provide members with new resources and tools to help your agency celebrate your accomplishments during EMS Week and prepare for the future with new sections and resources on:

  • Understanding Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine and what it means for your future in EMS.
  • What you can do to prepare yourself for the future through education, training and professional development.
  • How you and your EMS agency can build local partnerships to strengthen your community’s awareness of health and safety issues.
  • Plus a complete “how-to” guide on advocating for EMS at the local, state and federal levels, a virtual library on EMS history, and how you can get involved in honoring our EMS heroes.

Now is the time to plan for 2014 EMS Week. Please visit the site and share it as a resource with your co-workers.

EMS Week 2014 is almost here. Start planning today at  http://www.emsweekideas.org/!

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An Emergency Medical Responder Training Success Story

Last year, educators at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School reached out to Jordan Khoury REMT-B I/C to teach an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course for a group of students in their senior class. Due to student’s busy schedules, it was decided that the blended training model would be ideal for both students and instructors. This was the first time the school offered an EMR course and according to Khoury, it was a success:

“We had 10 students in the class (1 being a teacher). The course went over well and we are being asked to return for the September 2014 Senior Class…We have 2 students from this class that are very interested in moving up into the EMT Class after graduation. This was a win-win situation for both BPHS and JB Learning.”

The EMR class at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School had photos taken for their local newspaper and were kind enough to share them with our Public Safety team:


(Center: Jane McCluskey, Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Specialist, poses with educators at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School with Emergency Medical Responder, Fifth Edition)




Congratulations to the first EMR class of Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School!

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EMS On The Hill Day: EMS Professionals to Advocate for Support to Improve Patient Care

EMS On the Hill DayDid you know? March 26 is EMS On The Hill Day in Washington, D.C.!

Hosted by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), the EMS On The Hill Day event was created to gather EMS professionals and federal legislators together to discuss current issues, learn about new ways to support EMS professionals across the nation, and ultimately to work towards legislation that will help improve patient care.

In the NAEMT News Release, NAEMT President Don Lundy spoke about the need for EMS professionals of all levels to advocate for improvements in the field:

“EMS advocacy is not just for those in leadership positions… it’s for everyone in EMS who cares about the future of our profession. If EMS wants an improved environment for delivering quality care to our patients, then everyone in EMS has to advocate.”

There will be hundreds of delegates at tomorrow’s event, including practitioners, managers, educators, and physicians. According to the NAEMT, the primary focus for the meeting will be to “…inform Congress of the benefit and cost-saving opportunities within EMS to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs through Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) and Community Paramedicine (CP) programs.”

To learn more about EMS On The Hill Day, check out the NAEMT News Release or visit the NAEMT website to learn how you can get involved in advocating for EMS.

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How a Real Instructor Uses Technology in His Course

By now, you have probably heard about new, innovative resources that are available to help instructors manage their courses and engage students in the learning process. You may have read about these resources in a recent product catalog, watched an online video showcasing how the resources work, or been given a one-on-one demonstration from your sales representative. While these resources are proven to be effective, it is hard for one to understand the benefits without trying them out or seeing how someone else uses the tools in their own course.

David Gillespie, a fire fighter and program coordinator for Fleming College in Canada, recently posted a video on YouTube to show the president of his community college how he is using technology in their fire fighter program. Check out Gillespie’s video below to see how he uses technology to manage his course efficiently and keep his students interested in the material. 

Thank you for sharing this video, David. Fun fact: “QR” stands for “Quick Response!”

To learn more about Navigate solutions from Jones & Bartlett Learning, please visit: www.jblnavigate.com.

For a complete list of EMS and Fire training materials, please visit the Jones & Bartlett Learning website: www.jblearning.com. For additional questions, please contact your Public Safety Specialist today.

Learn more about the fire fighter program at Fleming College.

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Ben Clark Training Center Director and Educator Discuss How They Use Jones & Bartlett Learning Training Materials

Dr. Chris Nollette and Randy Nugent from the Ben Clark Training Center (BCTC) at Moreno Valley College recently shared their thoughts on the benefits of using educational resources from Jones & Bartlett Learning for their EMS and Fire training programs. Check out what they had to say:

(From left to right: Dr. Chris Nollette, Director of BCTC program at Moreno Valley College  |  Randy Nguyen, Fire Captain, Paramedic, Educator at BCTC program at Moreno Valley College)

For a complete list of EMS and Fire training materials, please visit the Jones & Bartlett Learning website: www.jblearning.com. For additional questions, please contact your Public Safety Specialist today.

To learn more about the Ben Clark Training Center (BCTC) at Moreno Valley College, please visit: http://www.mvc.edu/bctc/.

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Spring Forward and Review Important Safety Reminders

Fireman showing smoke detectorDaylight Saving Time begins at 2AM on Sunday, March 9.

ECSI encourages everyone to use this as a reminder to:

  • Move your clocks forward.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms–change the batteries or replace the alarms as needed!
  • Review your emergency preparedness plans and replenish your first aid kits!

Plan to be prepared in 2014! Get started today:

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Becoming an NAEMT Instructor Has Never Been Easier

laptop_270_14The NAEMT Instructor Course provides instructor candidates with the core concepts and principles needed to become an instructor for any of NAEMT’s continuing education courses. This fully online program replaces the traditional classroom-based instructor courses, enabling educators to get new continuing education courses up and running faster and more efficiently.

To get started today, simply:

  1. Complete the NAEMT Instructor Course online 
  2. Successfully complete the Provider Course for the NAEMT program that you wish to teach 
  3. Participate in and complete a monitored teach-back for the NAEMT program that you wish to teach

Take a tour of the NAEMT Instructor Course now: go.jblearning.com/NIC.

Like what you see? Enroll today or contact your sales representative for more information.

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Now Available: 2014 EMS Interactive Catalog

Discover all new EMS resources in the 2014 EMS Interactive Catalog!

Take a look at our 2014 EMS Interactive Catalog for a complete list of course resources, new technology, and custom print solutions. View the interactive catalog on your computer or mobile device, or download and print a copy for your reference.

View | Download your copy today!


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Good Samaritans and Public Safety Professionals Save Infant

A team of Good Samaritans and public safety professionals saved the life of a 5-month-old boy yesterday by performing CPR on a busy Miami highway. Pamela Rauseo realized something was wrong with her nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, and immediately pulled her car to the left side of the highway. After taking him out of his car seat and realizing that he was not responding, Rauseo “tried to call 911, but I was just so nervous my hands wouldn’t function.” Fortunately, after screaming for help, a handful of people (also stuck in traffic) stopped to help. After a Good Samaritan performed CPR, the infant began breathing again on his own. He stopped breathing once more before being taken in an ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital. According to Rauseo, Sebastian de la Cruz is in critical condition today, but is expected to survive.

For the complete story, please visit: http://ht.ly/tRr7t.

To learn more about how you can learn or provide CPR training, please visit: www.ECSInstitute.org.

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Putting Google Glass to Work for Public Safety Professionals

A North Carolina fire fighter has developed an app for Google Glass that he hopes will enable first responders to save time during an emergency. As a “Google Explorer,” Patrick Jackson is a member of Google’s Glass Explorer Program, which allows him to test the wearable technology before it goes to market. Right now, his app is geared towards assisting fire fighters in the field by displaying important information hands-free at the fire fighter’s command. Relevant and timely information may include: dispatch data, location of emergency, nearest fire hydrants, etc.

Take a look at the dynamic features of the Google Glass app in the video below. How do you think this could help public safety professionals in the future?

For more information about Jackson’s journey with Google Glass, check out this CNN article.

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