Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring, Third Edition “is an excellent reference”

Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring, Third EditionKnowledge of electronic fetal heart rate monitoring is crucial to OB nurses. In fact, studies have shown that a lack of understanding around electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is one of the leading cause of lawsuits. That’s what makes our recently published Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: The 5-Tier System, Third Edition by Julian T. Parer, Tekoa L. King, and Tomoaki Ikeda so timely and relevant.

In a new review, Anthony Shanks, MD, from Indiana University School of Medicine, writes for Doody’s Review Service that,

“This is an excellent reference and one that I will be going back to often. It is easy to read and, more importantly, interesting to read.”

Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: The 5-Tier System, Third Edition reviews the practice of fetal heart rate monitoring. Beginning with a description of the anatomy of fetal circulation, placental function as a respiratory organ, and acid-base balance, it also presents normal fetal cardiovascular and cerebral metabolism.

  • Examines the pathophysiologic mechanisms involved in progressive fetal asphyxia via a review of the seminal animal and human studies conducted in this field
  • Includes a brief summary of fetal heart rate monitoring technology currently used in clinical practice and standard nomenclature for fetal heart rate characteristics
  • Evaluates the scientific basis that supports management algorithms currently in use and recommends the Parer/Ikeda 5-tier system

Learn more and preview a sample chapter at our website.

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