Navigate 2 assessments are “extremely beneficial”

Navigate2Navigate 2 continues to expand the reach of the classroom by empowering students and instructors with easy-to-use assessments that measure comprehension and advise educators on where to focus their time. The assessments within Navigate 2 feature:

  • Graded quizzes, mid-term, and final examination
  • Ungraded knowledge checks
  • A robust gradebook

Trying out new concepts is an essential part of the learning process. That’s why Navigate 2 offers a variety of practice activities to help students study more effectively. They include  interactive flashcards, matching and labeling exercises, and multiple-choice questions.

In a recent focus group, we asked students what they thought of the assessments and practice activities within Navigate 2. Check out their feedback:

“The assessments and study center seem extremely beneficial…”

“The [Navigate 2] assessments are very good for gauging how well I understand the material.”

“When I finish studying a chapter, I can test myself.”

“The flashcards are great!”

Would you like a first-hand look at the many different types of assessments offered within Navigate 2? Watch our new video now or visit our website:

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