Hear What Your Peers Have to Say About Understanding Viruses

Don’t just take our word for it.

We conducted extensive market reviews prior to publishing a third edition of the internationally acclaimed Understanding Viruses. Here’s what some of our reviewers had to say:

“I am impressed with the author’s ability to include topical information, basic biology, and clinical relevance. This begins in the first chapter and is consistent throughout. This text fills a major gap between advanced virology and introductory biology texts… This text is the perfect blend of clinical virology, epidemiology, taxonomy, replication dynamics, and pathophysiology.”

“I really like this textbook. The approach to viruses corresponds to my thoughts of needing to know about the interaction of the virus and the host and not just the diseases that they cause.”

“I have talked extensively with my students (a mix of juniors and seniors from varying biology backgrounds) about this textbook and it would seem that they very much enjoy the mixture of clinical with the molecular biology.”

“This book is much easier to work with than any other virology book that I have used in my forty years of teaching.”

Visit our site to see a detailed list of updates to the Third Edition, read a sample chapter, and view a sample animation.

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